22 April 2011

The Frames rocked along with Troja!

By Blerta Kosova, singer

MRS band The Frames had a really important and unforgettable night on Saturday. We had the privilege to perform a couple of songs live, before Troja rocked the hell out of Mitrovica! :)

It was truly amazing, the stage, the backstage, the colossal audience.. everything was just amazing!

So, the concert started with Funhouse, followed with Frozen (our song), Man in the box and also ended with a song of ours Enderroj.

I also have to mention that because of some reasons, our bands drummer Vedat, couldn’t make it to the concert so we “hired” another great student(drummer) from our school Hysen (Ceni) who did a great job, and Fatjon (Band 4) keyboarder was also playing with us.

Mitrovica totally craved a night like that!

The Frames before the concert, during the soundcheck.

During the performance. From left to right: Hysen, Enver, Fatjon, Arber, Blerta(me) and Edona.

A nice concertish view:P (arber and me)

And of course last but not least.. the best thing..

Photos by: Kushtrim Hoti

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