25 May 2011

Rock School girl power at Video Fest

By Blerta Kosova, singer and guitarist

Video Fest
MRS students, Vjosa, Vesa and Blerta (me), had the most awesome and quite important performance on Monday the 16th. It was the glamorous night of the Video Festival that takes place yearly in Pristina since 2003.

It started with a phone call...
It all started with a phone call from Edon, our band coach and keyboards instructor. He asked if we were interested to participate in a great organization like that and we were like “whaat!?”, of course!! :)

Lookin' all glamerous
On Sunday we had general rehearsals in Pristina, the next day was the great day.
As we arrived in Pristina, on Monday, we went to the National Theatre where the whole ceremony was going to happen. We were getting ready looking all glamorous and went to the v.i.p room to watch the ceremony (hahah what a feeling).

Rockin' all-girl band
So, as the Video Fest started we were the opening performance. While Mentor (from famous “Kthjellu” band, and Yllka Kuqi (also a famous singer in Kosova) were singing the famous Beatles song, “money can’t buy me love,” I was playing the guitar, Vjosa the bass guitar and Vesa on drums.

Celebs, superstars an paparazzi
It was so great because we never got to play in front of such a “celeb-ish”(lol) audience. The great feeling even got better when we went to the after party in Duplex, we were treated like real superstars, everywhere paparazzi asking for photo shots.

It was one amaaaazing experience that I HAD to share with all my Rock School bloggers : )

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