26 May 2011

The Rock School - one of my greatest experiences ever!

By Vjosa Selmani, singer

Life before the Rock School
As a little child, I grew up singing. My whole life was about music, and still is. But there was a little problem. I didn’t have a place to set my soul free, I couldn’t find a place where I simply could show my feelings through music... until summer 2008 came.

2008: First Skopje Summer School!
I became part of an unforgettable experience, it was the summer school in Skopje. I was a total amateur I never had the chance to sing live. I didn’t even knew how to use a microphone properly! But the things that I learned that week, oh I’m sure I would never learn those things in many years here. Then, the official opening of the Rock School in Mitrovica, was just the beginning of a great adventure with lots of gigs, concerts, appearances in the tv scene and a lot more...

Professional breakthrough
As the years passed by I’ve had an obvious professional breakthrough, I really learned a lot during these years in the RS and hope to be part of this experience for a long period.

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