29 June 2011

Another humanitarian concert by the Rock School!

By Dren Nishliu, guitarist

My name is Dren and I'm part of the Mitrovica Rock School. I think that the Rock School is very generous with all students and teachers.

Freak Week performs at Rockin' Hood

After the Rock School participated in an humanitarian action with Torcida to support Fisnik Muharemi (football player), the Rock School did another humanitarian concert for just one day. We did this humanitarian action together with organization called "ROKIN' HOOD," who invited us to this humanitarian action.

It was another great day for the students of the Rock School. We played acoustic songs and people that passed through were feeling very good with our music. We had very good time and we were happy that we're helping PEOPLE IN NEED -others. Organizers of ROKIN' HOOD thanked us for doing nice job.

And i think that the Rock School will never stop during humanitarian action to help people in need.

The Frames performed in one of the most awesome music festivals ever held in Kosovo!

By Blerta Kosova, singer

So, it all started with our performance in “Rock per rock 2011,” in Pristina. The organizers of the new festival “NGOM,” saw us there, so they invited us in their festival.

During the performance, The Frames

It was the first time that NGOM music festival was held, it lasted 3 days, from 24 to 26 June, in Prizren. The most famous and greatest bands of Kosovo and outside the country participated, and we were there too!

The festival had 50 hours program, which means that there were lots of bands and dj-s. There were three stages in the city, which weren’t that far from each other. We played on Saturday (25 June), during the day around 3 o’clock, at the parking stage, a very good one!

The luck was on our side that day because the weather was just perfect, in comparison with the day before! It was a cloudish, coolish, windish day, with NO RAIN, so, fortunately we haven’t had “dying from the hot weather” problems. :)

We performed for like an hour, playing our original songs and also covers from complete different genres, but I’m pretty sure that the audience liked us. They were really into us while we played, I was watching them all the time while performing, and everyone was dancing and singing and screaming, so I have to say that it was quite a good performance of our band and it was really fun!

There’s nothing left to say, it was an unforgettable experience, Prizren rules!!

Cheers, BB!

24 June 2011

Mitrovica Rock School at Rock Festival in Prizren

By Ceni Damati

The Mitrovica Rock School had a lots of fun at the Rock Festival in Prizren. It was amazing night!

In this Festival our band perform and we had a competition with other bands from other city. My band (Missed Call) had 2 songs witch I sang: Numb from Linkin Park, and Here Without You from Three Doors Down.

Missed Call performing at Rock Festival

I've been confused at first cuz it's kind a difficult to play drums and to sing... you have to be concentrated in 2 things that are very important but... IT WAS COOL FOR ME :p

I said before that we had competition so you want to know who was the winner??? Its easy: THE FRAMES... they was very good in their original songs and everybody likes them. :)

So enjoy my pictures and video too!

The Frames (Blerta left, Enver right)

Left: singer Albana
Right: guitarist Kreshnik

The Frames

The Frames

Freak Week


23 June 2011

In Mitrovica the Rock School acts!

By Kreshnik Berisha

My name is Kreshnik Berisha and I am an regullar member of this school.

In my opinion the Rock School is very positive for all instrumentalists and singers, because besides the exercises they participate in concerts outside Mitrovica and in a way they represent our beatiful city near the river Ibar.

Rock School students Kreshnik, Arber and Albana at the Humanitarian Concert

In this month the Rock School also participates in an humanitarian action together with Torcida wich is organized by them to support a Trepca football player materially. The Rock School supported Torcida in their activities for a week by organizing concerts in different environments outdoors and indoors and we were been welcomed by the citizens and by the organizers.

In Mitrovica soon will be organized a megaconcert and part of this humanitarian event will be Mitrovica Rock School together with the stars of Kosovo's entertainment.

22 June 2011

Vacancy: Project Manager/North Branch Coordinator

The Mitrovica Rock School is a long-term project developed by Musicians without Borders (MwB), Community Building Mitrovica (CBM), the Fontys Rock Academy and IKV Pax Christi. Nearly 100 students attend rock music lessons on both sides of Mitrovica, and come together for intensive training abroad. The Rock School should be independent and self-sustaining by the summer of 2012.

Applicants are requested to send their CV, letter of motivation and any references to CBM and MwB by Friday July 1, 2011, at 17:00 hours, at info@cbmitrovica.org,
w.hassler-forest@musicianswithoutborders.org and rockschoolmitrovica@yahoo.com

Position: Project Manager/North Branch Coordinator

The duties of the Project Manager/North Branch Coordinator will include:
  • overall project cycle management of a large, complex, long-term project intended to become a sustainable institution
  • project communications
  • fundraising & maintaining donor relations
  • cultural entrepreneurship: marketing the Rock School, securing sponsorships and other support, making activities self-funding to the extent possible
  • narrative and financial reporting & administration
  • managing all personnel matters related to the project for CBM
  • supervising the work of personnel of the Rock School’s North branch

The successful candidate will have
  • proven experience in project cycle management
  • a commercial/entrepreneurial outlook
  • high organizational skills
  • high written and verbal English-language skills
  • high self-initiative
  • experience in fund raising
  • proven reporting skills
  • high level of computer skills (Word, Excel) and affinity with social media

The successful candidate will be
  • open-minded, neutral, positive and eager to learn
  • a team worker
  • a self-starter
  • flexible (also in terms of working hours)
  • willing to travel

We offer
  • a positive, dynamic working environment
  • training by the Fontys Rock Academy (the Netherlands)
  • the opportunity to travel and participate in a high-profile international music project
  • a competitive local salary based on a 30-hour working week
  • further career opportunities

15 June 2011

The most important MRS project ever!

By Blerta Kosova, singer

So Ruud told us (me, Fatjon and Lenart) that we will have an important meeting the next coming days. The meeting was held, and what we heard was crazy! We were getting part of a lifetime project.

The description of the project:
The Rock Academy, the Rock School teachers and the coordinators formed a team that is called the A-Team.

Peace from our team! :)

The A-Team
So, the A-Team is a working title of a band formed by six of the Mitrovica Rock Schools best students, three from each branch (North and South). The A-Team is going to start exchanging ideas for one to three new songs in Mitrovica.

Songwriting and recording in Skopje
They will also attend the 2011 Skopje Summer School (last week of August), where the band will work with a songwriter and sound engineer from the Fontys Rock Academy. The songs will be completed and recorded in Skopje.

CD and Festivals in the Netherlands
Then, a Dutch producer will mix the recordings, and the CD will be released in spring 2012. The Fontys Rock Academy will circulate the demo among Liberation Day Festivals (May 5th) in the Netherlands, with the aim of getting the band booked at one or more festivals in the Netherlands in May 2012.

A-Team on tour!
And here comes the best part, :) the A-Team is going to travel to the Netherlands, work at the Rock Academy for one or two days and perform at one or more festivals around the country in May 2012 to promote the CD. The visit to the Netherlands will last approximately 4 days.

So what’s left to say is, a lot of work is waiting this summer and I can’t wait for it!!

The MRS bands perform in Rock Fest 2011, Prizren

By Blerta Kosova, singer

This year was the 2nd time that the rock school bands participated in the Rock Festival in Prizren.

Blerta (me) during the performance

Melting drive and hot opening act
The trip started with our meeting at CBM, our long way to Prizren and after a melting drive, finally arrived. Each band did a sound check first, and at 9 pm. the concert started. Band 4 was the opening act, followed by Freak Week, as the next band from the Rock School, then there were The Frames, Sofra and Missed Call.

The night ended up with The Frames as the winners of this Rock Fest edition, hip hip hooraaay! :) ... It’s sad to say that we didn’t actually WIN anything but it was fun anyways (that’s what’s important in the end).

Rock School on tour
A very pleasant experience for all of us, and hopefully not the end of our “tour” for this season:).

Ok, enough sayings and more proof! Yep, they say a picture is worth a million words, here’s your meal for today dear bloggers! ;)

Vedat feeling the groove during the sound-check

Right: Blerta (me) during the sound-check

Freak Week during the sound-check

Right: Vedat and Enver

Musicians with A T T I T U D E! oh come on! :P

Sofra's performance

Freak Week performing

10 June 2011

More recording experience

By Jelena Zafirovic, singer, songwriter and guitarist

Dutch Rock Academy in Mitrovica
The Mitrovica Rock School is visited by the Dutch students from the Fontys Rock Academy (Tilburg, NL) every year, and this year wasn’t an exception. This time, along with the guitar, bass and singing lessons, they decided to make a little recording studio in one of the rooms for band rehearsals in rock school and record some of our songs.

Like professionals
Two of my bands were supposed to record one song, and we were there at 10 AM, everyone was sleepy and tired, but we gave our best to act like professionals, even though we also had some problems with the drums, etc.

Recording all the parts
First we recorded only drums from both bands, then the bass lines, after that the guitar lines and finally – the vocals, and it was already 5 PM, but we did our best to be patient.

Busy and tired
It was a busy and tired day for all of us – I’m sure – but I think we all need to get used to it all, because there will probably be more problems and more spent time in the future, for recording.

Special thanks!
I want to thank Jos Driessen and Savo Kostic for giving their best to make good records of my songs, and special thanks to Emir Hasani, Nemanja Misic and Filip Milovanovic for helping and giving support the whole time.

Enjoy listening “Don’t Break My Heart” by Midnight, recorded by Savo Kostic and Jos Driessen, played by Strahinja Sofronijevic (guitar), Rasim Redzepagic (drums), Nemanja Misic (bass guitar) and Jelena Zafirovic (vocals).

Mitrovica Rock School plans to open a small studio for
anyone interested in recording demos of their songs.

9 June 2011

A week full of workshops, good education and not to forget FUN!

By Blerta Kosova, singer

Last week, the rock school was quite busy and hardworking.

Stayf, Jos, Shanna, Pim, Rolf were the new RA team that worked like bees the whole week to give us the most knowledge they could. Also Gerdien and Ruud were here too. Workshops were held in our school starting from Monday till Friday the final day. On

Monday we had workshops in Vocal Coaching with Shanna and Bass Guitar with Pim.

Tuesday was the guitarists day, we had two workshops in guitar with Jos.

On Wednesday we had also workshops in guitar and bass.

Thursday was the tiring and haaaardworking day, we had to record our own songs. The recordings started at 10 am. And were over at 7’30 pm. We all were like reaaaally tired but I have to say that Jos did a wonderful job. He was working all time with us and never lost his nerves. :P

During the recordings , downstairs in the other class, Shanna was having vocal workshop with the singers.

Friday was the last day, where we held vocal and bass workshop individually.

It was a hardworking but very pleasurable week for all of us. The RA team did a great job and like every year, we ended up as better musicians and more professional than yesterday :).

I’m really looking forward in meeting them again IN SKOPJE! CHeeeers!!

7 June 2011

MRS is gonna have a very very very busy week!

By Visar Kasa, singer, songwriter & pianist

The sun is shining, the people are happy, school is over and the rock festivals round Kosovo have began.

- Also this year, the MRS bands "The Frames" and "Freak Week" are going to appear in the two most important rock festivals, "Rock per Rock" Prishtine and "Rock Live" Prizren.

- The success of last year’s performances by MRS was amazing, "Freak Week" won the first price in "Rock Live" and "The Frames" won the first price in "Rock per Rock."

- The bands are very excited to present their original songs to a huge audience and worked really hard to rock their brains out! So I really hope this year is going to be a winner years for two of the bands. :)

2 June 2011

Mitrovica Rock School in Bajgora

By Ceni Damati, drummer and singer

It was the first time and first concert of Mitrovica Rock School that was held in mountain.

I really enjoy it !!

We were 3 bands there and perform various famous songs that we had in our new repertory. My band had 5 great songs: Price Tag… Love The Way You Lie (we had our Eminem “Albani”)… I Need A Doctor… What’s My Name and Finaly Numb.

In beginning of the concert it was really cold as you can see in some photos…

I almost didn’t hear my hands wile I was playing in drums... but however we had a great time there.

Picture is worth ten thousand words... so I will let u enjoy some pic of mine. :)

Here is our Biggest Fan of Mitrovica Rock School!!

Fatjon and Gjeneta

Blerta and Vesa after Concert!!

Blerta is HUNGRY :p