29 June 2011

Another humanitarian concert by the Rock School!

By Dren Nishliu, guitarist

My name is Dren and I'm part of the Mitrovica Rock School. I think that the Rock School is very generous with all students and teachers.

Freak Week performs at Rockin' Hood

After the Rock School participated in an humanitarian action with Torcida to support Fisnik Muharemi (football player), the Rock School did another humanitarian concert for just one day. We did this humanitarian action together with organization called "ROKIN' HOOD," who invited us to this humanitarian action.

It was another great day for the students of the Rock School. We played acoustic songs and people that passed through were feeling very good with our music. We had very good time and we were happy that we're helping PEOPLE IN NEED -others. Organizers of ROKIN' HOOD thanked us for doing nice job.

And i think that the Rock School will never stop during humanitarian action to help people in need.

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