29 June 2011

The Frames performed in one of the most awesome music festivals ever held in Kosovo!

By Blerta Kosova, singer

So, it all started with our performance in “Rock per rock 2011,” in Pristina. The organizers of the new festival “NGOM,” saw us there, so they invited us in their festival.

During the performance, The Frames

It was the first time that NGOM music festival was held, it lasted 3 days, from 24 to 26 June, in Prizren. The most famous and greatest bands of Kosovo and outside the country participated, and we were there too!

The festival had 50 hours program, which means that there were lots of bands and dj-s. There were three stages in the city, which weren’t that far from each other. We played on Saturday (25 June), during the day around 3 o’clock, at the parking stage, a very good one!

The luck was on our side that day because the weather was just perfect, in comparison with the day before! It was a cloudish, coolish, windish day, with NO RAIN, so, fortunately we haven’t had “dying from the hot weather” problems. :)

We performed for like an hour, playing our original songs and also covers from complete different genres, but I’m pretty sure that the audience liked us. They were really into us while we played, I was watching them all the time while performing, and everyone was dancing and singing and screaming, so I have to say that it was quite a good performance of our band and it was really fun!

There’s nothing left to say, it was an unforgettable experience, Prizren rules!!

Cheers, BB!

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