23 June 2011

In Mitrovica the Rock School acts!

By Kreshnik Berisha

My name is Kreshnik Berisha and I am an regullar member of this school.

In my opinion the Rock School is very positive for all instrumentalists and singers, because besides the exercises they participate in concerts outside Mitrovica and in a way they represent our beatiful city near the river Ibar.

Rock School students Kreshnik, Arber and Albana at the Humanitarian Concert

In this month the Rock School also participates in an humanitarian action together with Torcida wich is organized by them to support a Trepca football player materially. The Rock School supported Torcida in their activities for a week by organizing concerts in different environments outdoors and indoors and we were been welcomed by the citizens and by the organizers.

In Mitrovica soon will be organized a megaconcert and part of this humanitarian event will be Mitrovica Rock School together with the stars of Kosovo's entertainment.

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