24 June 2011

Mitrovica Rock School at Rock Festival in Prizren

By Ceni Damati

The Mitrovica Rock School had a lots of fun at the Rock Festival in Prizren. It was amazing night!

In this Festival our band perform and we had a competition with other bands from other city. My band (Missed Call) had 2 songs witch I sang: Numb from Linkin Park, and Here Without You from Three Doors Down.

Missed Call performing at Rock Festival

I've been confused at first cuz it's kind a difficult to play drums and to sing... you have to be concentrated in 2 things that are very important but... IT WAS COOL FOR ME :p

I said before that we had competition so you want to know who was the winner??? Its easy: THE FRAMES... they was very good in their original songs and everybody likes them. :)

So enjoy my pictures and video too!

The Frames (Blerta left, Enver right)

Left: singer Albana
Right: guitarist Kreshnik

The Frames

The Frames

Freak Week


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