2 June 2011

Mitrovica Rock School in Bajgora

By Ceni Damati, drummer and singer

It was the first time and first concert of Mitrovica Rock School that was held in mountain.

I really enjoy it !!

We were 3 bands there and perform various famous songs that we had in our new repertory. My band had 5 great songs: Price Tag… Love The Way You Lie (we had our Eminem “Albani”)… I Need A Doctor… What’s My Name and Finaly Numb.

In beginning of the concert it was really cold as you can see in some photos…

I almost didn’t hear my hands wile I was playing in drums... but however we had a great time there.

Picture is worth ten thousand words... so I will let u enjoy some pic of mine. :)

Here is our Biggest Fan of Mitrovica Rock School!!

Fatjon and Gjeneta

Blerta and Vesa after Concert!!

Blerta is HUNGRY :p


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