10 June 2011

More recording experience

By Jelena Zafirovic, singer, songwriter and guitarist

Dutch Rock Academy in Mitrovica
The Mitrovica Rock School is visited by the Dutch students from the Fontys Rock Academy (Tilburg, NL) every year, and this year wasn’t an exception. This time, along with the guitar, bass and singing lessons, they decided to make a little recording studio in one of the rooms for band rehearsals in rock school and record some of our songs.

Like professionals
Two of my bands were supposed to record one song, and we were there at 10 AM, everyone was sleepy and tired, but we gave our best to act like professionals, even though we also had some problems with the drums, etc.

Recording all the parts
First we recorded only drums from both bands, then the bass lines, after that the guitar lines and finally – the vocals, and it was already 5 PM, but we did our best to be patient.

Busy and tired
It was a busy and tired day for all of us – I’m sure – but I think we all need to get used to it all, because there will probably be more problems and more spent time in the future, for recording.

Special thanks!
I want to thank Jos Driessen and Savo Kostic for giving their best to make good records of my songs, and special thanks to Emir Hasani, Nemanja Misic and Filip Milovanovic for helping and giving support the whole time.

Enjoy listening “Don’t Break My Heart” by Midnight, recorded by Savo Kostic and Jos Driessen, played by Strahinja Sofronijevic (guitar), Rasim Redzepagic (drums), Nemanja Misic (bass guitar) and Jelena Zafirovic (vocals).

Mitrovica Rock School plans to open a small studio for
anyone interested in recording demos of their songs.


khaleel said...

it was a really good experience and helped alot with my confidence of singing infrount of people i have one more information about recording experience

arko said...

It’s always a pleasant surprise whenever a song is enjoyable thank you!
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