15 June 2011

The most important MRS project ever!

By Blerta Kosova, singer

So Ruud told us (me, Fatjon and Lenart) that we will have an important meeting the next coming days. The meeting was held, and what we heard was crazy! We were getting part of a lifetime project.

The description of the project:
The Rock Academy, the Rock School teachers and the coordinators formed a team that is called the A-Team.

Peace from our team! :)

The A-Team
So, the A-Team is a working title of a band formed by six of the Mitrovica Rock Schools best students, three from each branch (North and South). The A-Team is going to start exchanging ideas for one to three new songs in Mitrovica.

Songwriting and recording in Skopje
They will also attend the 2011 Skopje Summer School (last week of August), where the band will work with a songwriter and sound engineer from the Fontys Rock Academy. The songs will be completed and recorded in Skopje.

CD and Festivals in the Netherlands
Then, a Dutch producer will mix the recordings, and the CD will be released in spring 2012. The Fontys Rock Academy will circulate the demo among Liberation Day Festivals (May 5th) in the Netherlands, with the aim of getting the band booked at one or more festivals in the Netherlands in May 2012.

A-Team on tour!
And here comes the best part, :) the A-Team is going to travel to the Netherlands, work at the Rock Academy for one or two days and perform at one or more festivals around the country in May 2012 to promote the CD. The visit to the Netherlands will last approximately 4 days.

So what’s left to say is, a lot of work is waiting this summer and I can’t wait for it!!

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