15 June 2011

The MRS bands perform in Rock Fest 2011, Prizren

By Blerta Kosova, singer

This year was the 2nd time that the rock school bands participated in the Rock Festival in Prizren.

Blerta (me) during the performance

Melting drive and hot opening act
The trip started with our meeting at CBM, our long way to Prizren and after a melting drive, finally arrived. Each band did a sound check first, and at 9 pm. the concert started. Band 4 was the opening act, followed by Freak Week, as the next band from the Rock School, then there were The Frames, Sofra and Missed Call.

The night ended up with The Frames as the winners of this Rock Fest edition, hip hip hooraaay! :) ... It’s sad to say that we didn’t actually WIN anything but it was fun anyways (that’s what’s important in the end).

Rock School on tour
A very pleasant experience for all of us, and hopefully not the end of our “tour” for this season:).

Ok, enough sayings and more proof! Yep, they say a picture is worth a million words, here’s your meal for today dear bloggers! ;)

Vedat feeling the groove during the sound-check

Right: Blerta (me) during the sound-check

Freak Week during the sound-check

Right: Vedat and Enver

Musicians with A T T I T U D E! oh come on! :P

Sofra's performance

Freak Week performing

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