7 June 2011

MRS is gonna have a very very very busy week!

By Visar Kasa, singer, songwriter & pianist

The sun is shining, the people are happy, school is over and the rock festivals round Kosovo have began.

- Also this year, the MRS bands "The Frames" and "Freak Week" are going to appear in the two most important rock festivals, "Rock per Rock" Prishtine and "Rock Live" Prizren.

- The success of last year’s performances by MRS was amazing, "Freak Week" won the first price in "Rock Live" and "The Frames" won the first price in "Rock per Rock."

- The bands are very excited to present their original songs to a huge audience and worked really hard to rock their brains out! So I really hope this year is going to be a winner years for two of the bands. :)

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