22 June 2011

Vacancy: Project Manager/North Branch Coordinator

The Mitrovica Rock School is a long-term project developed by Musicians without Borders (MwB), Community Building Mitrovica (CBM), the Fontys Rock Academy and IKV Pax Christi. Nearly 100 students attend rock music lessons on both sides of Mitrovica, and come together for intensive training abroad. The Rock School should be independent and self-sustaining by the summer of 2012.

Applicants are requested to send their CV, letter of motivation and any references to CBM and MwB by Friday July 1, 2011, at 17:00 hours, at info@cbmitrovica.org,
w.hassler-forest@musicianswithoutborders.org and rockschoolmitrovica@yahoo.com

Position: Project Manager/North Branch Coordinator

The duties of the Project Manager/North Branch Coordinator will include:
  • overall project cycle management of a large, complex, long-term project intended to become a sustainable institution
  • project communications
  • fundraising & maintaining donor relations
  • cultural entrepreneurship: marketing the Rock School, securing sponsorships and other support, making activities self-funding to the extent possible
  • narrative and financial reporting & administration
  • managing all personnel matters related to the project for CBM
  • supervising the work of personnel of the Rock School’s North branch

The successful candidate will have
  • proven experience in project cycle management
  • a commercial/entrepreneurial outlook
  • high organizational skills
  • high written and verbal English-language skills
  • high self-initiative
  • experience in fund raising
  • proven reporting skills
  • high level of computer skills (Word, Excel) and affinity with social media

The successful candidate will be
  • open-minded, neutral, positive and eager to learn
  • a team worker
  • a self-starter
  • flexible (also in terms of working hours)
  • willing to travel

We offer
  • a positive, dynamic working environment
  • training by the Fontys Rock Academy (the Netherlands)
  • the opportunity to travel and participate in a high-profile international music project
  • a competitive local salary based on a 30-hour working week
  • further career opportunities

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