9 June 2011

A week full of workshops, good education and not to forget FUN!

By Blerta Kosova, singer

Last week, the rock school was quite busy and hardworking.

Stayf, Jos, Shanna, Pim, Rolf were the new RA team that worked like bees the whole week to give us the most knowledge they could. Also Gerdien and Ruud were here too. Workshops were held in our school starting from Monday till Friday the final day. On

Monday we had workshops in Vocal Coaching with Shanna and Bass Guitar with Pim.

Tuesday was the guitarists day, we had two workshops in guitar with Jos.

On Wednesday we had also workshops in guitar and bass.

Thursday was the tiring and haaaardworking day, we had to record our own songs. The recordings started at 10 am. And were over at 7’30 pm. We all were like reaaaally tired but I have to say that Jos did a wonderful job. He was working all time with us and never lost his nerves. :P

During the recordings , downstairs in the other class, Shanna was having vocal workshop with the singers.

Friday was the last day, where we held vocal and bass workshop individually.

It was a hardworking but very pleasurable week for all of us. The RA team did a great job and like every year, we ended up as better musicians and more professional than yesterday :).

I’m really looking forward in meeting them again IN SKOPJE! CHeeeers!!

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Valdete said...

I am so proud of this school and I want to thank all of people that are investing all the nergy in supporting it. Its so good to be associated with such a great group of people and Institutions. A big thank you all for doing great work..