19 August 2011

2011 Summer School crew: meet Gent!

Hi, my name is Gent Amzai, I'm from Struga. I'm 19 (20 :D) years old and I'm a student of Economics in Tirana, Albania.

I'm a guitar player and this time a singer too. This is my second time performing in Skopje and I'm excited about it. Performing live is my biggest satisfaction.

See you thereeee

2011 Summer School crew: meet Enkelej!

Hello, I am Enkelej Ajazi, I am 16 and I play bass guitar.

I am from Struga and the only thing I really love is bass playing! :D

2011 Summer School crew: meet Marija!

The name of the game is Marija Meckaroska.. hehe just kidding. This is me, I am 18 years old an I live to sing.

Another passion that I have, other than singing is medicine. I am an activist in a Civil Organization, cuz the peace is everything that we need. The most common places where you can find me are at cafe-bar Kalabalak, Red Cross, cafe-bar Jazz in Ohrid and at my concerts. :D

My hobbies are photography, cooking, swimming, singing and reading books. My favorite kind of musics is metal, rock, blues, jazz , funky, but classic alwayes relax me. I love working as an Internationas First Aid Trainer and finding time to spend with my friends.

18 August 2011



24 Rock School students!
5 Summer School musicians from Struga, MK!
12 Rock School teachers!
8 great musicians from the Netherlands and one from the U.S.!
Seven bands!


See you there!

The A-Team
Rock School ambassador band the A-Team will tour in the Netherlands in September 2011 and May 2012 with their new songs

Summer School bands
Four brand new bands perform their pick of the best pop, rock, punk and grunge

Rock Academy and Rock School All-Star Band
Tilburg's best with Mitrovica's finest

Return of the Shabaz - R.O.T.S.
New tracks and great rock and roll classics by a four-headed band from Mitrovica, Eindhoven (NL), Houston (Texas) and Milici (BiH)

We look forward to seeing you at the concert!

View the invitation in Macedonian

View the invitation in Albanian

View the invitation in Serbian

View the invitation in English

At the Skopje Summer School, students and teachers of the Mitrovica Rock School come together in Skopje to form mixed bands. Together with trainers from the Fontys Rock Academy (Netherlands), they prepare for a major outdoor concert.

The Mitrovica Rock School serves as an incubator for pop and rock music talent in the region.

17 August 2011

2011 Summer School crew: meet Gjyli!

Hello people!

I’m Gjylisha Cena. I'm 16 years old, in 12 grade in high school.

I am a singer at Rock School, part of the band called Sofra. I enjoy very much singing, listening to music, reading books, riding my bike, and plenty of other things…

Hope we'll have fun in Skopje. See you there! :)

16 August 2011

2011 Summer School crew: meet Fatjon!

I'm Fatjon, I'm a keyboard player, and as 2 times ago, I'm so exited for this week in Skopje.

I'm looking forward for the A-Team!

Fatjon is a member of
the Rock School's A-Team!

15 August 2011

2011 Summer School crew: meet Vedat!

Hi all, I'm Vedat.

I am 24 years old and I'm a drummer at Rock School in The Frames band. I've been playing drums for 6 years.

This is my second time coming to Skopje Summer School!

2011 Summer School crew: meet Alban!

Hi, I'm Alban Dibrani.

I am 18 years old and I play bass guitar in the band Missed Call. I like rap and rock music.

And I hope we'll have a good time...

12 August 2011

2011 Summer School crew: meet Vesa!

Hi y’all!

I’m Vesa, I’m 16 years old and I’m a drummer at MRS in Freak Week band. I’ve been playing drums for two years, and I enjoy it A LOT!!!

Except Rock School, I go to Frang Bardhi High School - Mathematics and Informatics. So, two really different combinations like Maths and Music are my life.

This is my second time coming to Skopje Summer School, and I can’t wait to enjoy this experiece again.

I’m really looking forward in seeing u there, and rocking the place.

2011 Summer School crew: meet Kreshnik!

Hi, my name is Kreshnik Berisha. I am 19 years old and I play guitar in the band Missed Call since 3 years.

I finished the musical high school. Now I study classic guitar in the academy of arts at University of Prishtina.

I play guitar but also piano and a litle clarinette. I like pop and rock music and also classical music. My hobby is cleanin my teeth hahaha :P

See you soon in Shkup, I hope we will have a great time.

9 August 2011

2011 Summer School crew: meet Vjosa!

Hi everyone:)

My name is Vjosa Selmani I'm 16. I go to gymnasium and Mitrovica Rock School too. There I'm a member of "BAND 4" where I sing!

I love music and singing too. I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, reading, watch TV and I spend a lot of time on FB too!

Can't wait to meet you all, so see you there :)

2011 Summer School crew: meet Gagi!

I am Ngadhnjim Musliu.

I was born in 29.09.1992 in Mitrovica. Primary school I finished in "Andon Zako Çajupi in Mitrovica, in same time I also finished Primary Music School "Tefta Tashko" in Mitrovica. Now I am in secondary music school "Tefta Tashko" in 13 class. I play piano and klarinet instruments. I have proud that I choose this direction.

Also I am in Rock School in Mitrovica, in the first band called "Sofra'm"
from Mitrovica, in this band I play piano.

Leisure: draw, exercising piano, klarinet and heard music, while my hobby is skiing and swimming.