26 September 2011

Mitrovica Rock School at Democracy Fair

Another concert and another activity…Mitrovica Rock School is always ready to Rock!

This concert was in Prishtina for the Day of Democracy, there we were 3 bands:

-Missed Call

-Freak Week

-Band 4

All around, with different songs we played one hour of Good Music.

My band played seven songs wich include some pop/rap song like Space Bound-Eminem, Love the way you lie, I need a Doctor etc.

I played with 2 bands, Missed Call and Band 4.

It was really great experience a really great day with a lot of fun and a lot of Music

Ceni Damati - Mitrovica Rock School

22 September 2011

Artchitects - THE Day

As you all probably know we had a gig in the Club Studio in Tilburg. Our first time playing together in front of the crowd.

A true icebreaking event that helped us to shape our songs even better. People were great and we got a lots of feedbacks from the audience.

Of course we got the full support of Fontys Rock Academy guys who were cheering from the crowd.

But the main event was last night at Tivoli in Utrecht. We were welcomed as a Rock Stars, Tivoli crew took care of everything.

We couldn't believe that we are walking thru the same halls as The Muse, Pearl Jam, Kaiser Chiefs and Incubus !

Excitement was huge !

Show was beautiful in so many ways. Lots of positive vibes from the audience who didn't expect that the six kids of the Rock School from far away Mitrovica can really ROCK !

Of course we want to thank all the people that make this trip of ours possible. Without them our band would be just one of the many, but with them we are THE ARTCHITECTS so

IKV Pax Christi
Musicians Without Borders
Fontys Rock Academy
Duch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and many many more !

For more photos and informations check out our Facebook page and for more videos check out our YouTube channel !

See you soon !


20 September 2011

Artchitects in Holland - new day

Hey friends, here we are again. It's a new and very busy day for us here in Tilburg !

Currently we are practicing with Ruud at Fontys Rock Academy and having a great time.

There are a lot more things to be done before our gig tonight at Studio-Tilburg in front of the crowd.

Be prepared for some new stuff cooking in Artchitects kitchen.

Regarding "kitchen" we want to thank Pim and Jos for a GREAT dinner last night. It was very awesome and relaxing. Lots of positive people in a small space.

Once again we want to thank to
IKV Pax Christi,
Musicians without Borders and
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
for making possible for us to see this beautiful town.

Artchitects from Tilburg

19 September 2011

Artchitects in Holland

After almost 12 hours of traveling, after a cab, one plane, then another plane and tree trains we finally Arrived to Tilburg !

We are now preparing for recording at Fontys Rock Academy, and we want to use this opportunity to thank them for everything !

Fontys Rock Academy really ROCKS !

See you soon in Mitrovica !


10 September 2011

2011 Skopje Summer School video!

Video by Stefan "Stay" van Leijsen, Fontys Rock Academy student-trainer
during the 2011 Skopje Summer School.

8 September 2011

2011 Skopje Summer School

By Minja Velimirovic

Let me tell you a story about the greatest summer school ever…

Ready to Rock!
As you see on 21st of August we took of from Mitrovica heading for Skopje full of energy, and ready to rock. We met our friends from Rock Academy and started one of the most exciting weeks ever. There were some familiar faces and some new but after short introduction in the hotel we all knew we will get along.

Busy days

The 24 students from Mitrovica and some from Struga were split in 4 bands and one special this year the A team. We had no time to lose so the figuring out songs and band names started immediately. Tomorrow was the new day with new plans and things to do.

Every day we practiced two times in a day and free time we spent on useful workshops. You could learn everything you wanted with smiling Shanna , with Rolf the guitar master, marketing with Stayf, bass workshops with Sparkle, or if you are into recording Jos could definitely help.

Collecting energy for tomorrow

On Wednesday we got some time for recreation and swimming at the hotel with pool where we spent a night over with beautiful music, food, and fun…and since we were not sleepy we jumped into pool for some night bath.

New Day

In the morning after breakfast we rushed back at rehearsal space and got back on work fully rested. Thursday was the day for final touch before the dress rehearsal, all the small missing things were added and the bands were ready for tomorrow’s concert.

So that day has arrived and everyone was excited, you could feel it. Running through hotel getting dressed, transferring instruments, posting flyers…We also got diplomas for participating and cool red chairs, that will be so useful later on.
At the concert we rocked!

THE Rock Day
We showed that there are so many great musicians in our schools, and a lot of them had their first gig ever but you couldn’t see that really because they were all so great! Everyone had fun, and how could it be otherwise when there was music involved.

We danced, jumped, sang and screamed, showing the whole world that it is all about fun and music. After all we are musicians without borders! Also we were honored to hear director of Rock Academy, Bertus Borgers, play along with his students and teachers of Mitrovica Rock School.

Return of the Shahbaz
After what we heard everyone’s favorite band Return of the Shahbaz who moved the audience and made best atmosphere ever playing their own songs for the first time. “The night was short and we needed the longest one…” that’s how I would describe the Friday night.

This could also refer for the Saturday morning when we were saying goodbye to our friends from RA. If there is something bad about the summer school that would be this part. We were all at the bus packed and ready for a cherry at the top of a cake, or simply told ready for Ohrid.

And since we are talking about cake, there was one too for dessert. We were staying in a beautiful hotel with swimming pool and a beach right across the street. So remember those cool red chairs we got, oh yeah we floated and enjoyed in the luxury they provide.

Rock Crew on the Beach
After the longest swimming in history we took a tour through the old city of Ohrid, and after we finish we crash a wedding at the hotel…long story short, we had most amazing time there.

And when the Sunday came everyone was sad because we had to leave, and since we didn’t want to stop rocking we took the best out we could and played in the bus all the way back to Mitrovica.

And now here I am telling you the story about a fantastic week behind me and all of the participants of summer school. Exhausted but happy I am typing the last few words before I go to the bed and hibernate for a long time. Good night.

P.S. oh and I almost forgot… and we -rocked- happily ever after ….