22 September 2011

Artchitects - THE Day

As you all probably know we had a gig in the Club Studio in Tilburg. Our first time playing together in front of the crowd.

A true icebreaking event that helped us to shape our songs even better. People were great and we got a lots of feedbacks from the audience.

Of course we got the full support of Fontys Rock Academy guys who were cheering from the crowd.

But the main event was last night at Tivoli in Utrecht. We were welcomed as a Rock Stars, Tivoli crew took care of everything.

We couldn't believe that we are walking thru the same halls as The Muse, Pearl Jam, Kaiser Chiefs and Incubus !

Excitement was huge !

Show was beautiful in so many ways. Lots of positive vibes from the audience who didn't expect that the six kids of the Rock School from far away Mitrovica can really ROCK !

Of course we want to thank all the people that make this trip of ours possible. Without them our band would be just one of the many, but with them we are THE ARTCHITECTS so

IKV Pax Christi
Musicians Without Borders
Fontys Rock Academy
Duch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and many many more !

For more photos and informations check out our Facebook page and for more videos check out our YouTube channel !

See you soon !


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