31 October 2011

The Studio

New thing about Mitrovica Rock School is our Studio. Now we have fully equipped studio for recording and sound engineering. You now don't have to search for faraway studios, you got everything here in Mitrovica. If you have a band and if you want to record one song or a whole album feel free to call and ask about details. Also for all of you who want to become a studio technician or engineer our door is open.

For now two bands have recorded at Mitrovica Rock School Studio:


Band started to play at 2007 and their name "Soho" was later changed to "Omnibusi". All the band members were musicians long before band "Omnibusi" started to play together.
They have recorded two albums:
- Omnibusi - Soho in 2007
- Omnibusi - Proci ce 2011

Band members:
- Dejan Pavićević - Vocal/ Rhythm Guitar
- Danijel Spasojević - Guitar
- Vanja Kostić - Bass
- Zoran Savić - Drums


Members started playing together in 2008 in Mitrovica, with idea to play old school hard core with a touch of new age music.

Band members:
- Mihajlo Radovanovic - Vocal
- Predrag Markovic - Guitar/Vocal
- Vladimir Stevanovic - Guitar
- Nikola Popovic - Bass
- Vuk Jovic - Drums

"Coming soon" recordings from "Dark Sky" and the Rock School band "Revenge", stay tuned and follow our work.

Contacts for studio details:
Mladen Marinkovic /North branch manager/ 064-658 55 80
Emir Hasani /Trainee sound engineer/ 065- 531 07 71

24 October 2011

Music theory lessons

Although it is not necessary to know music theory to be a good musician, it is good and really helpful to know it. So, Ivana Popovic is a professor of music theory and singing in the north branch of the Mitrovica Rock School. In her classes we learn how to read and sing notes, to distinguish between the scales, to recognize tones by ear, which help us play our instruments correctly. Also, we have a lot of fun on those classes, because not everyone of us is a good singer. :)

I am a member of Rock school for about six months, and it brought me not only new experiences, but my knowledge in the area of music is expanded, and I met some new friends, with whom I hang out mostly in the theory classes.

We can use our instruments and voices and we learn through playing and fun. So I am very glad to see a lot of children coming to Rock School, because they have what to learn there, through playing classes and theory lessons.

I wanted to give a little attention to her classes, even though they are not the main reason why students join Rock School. If someone doesn't pass theory exams, he cannot pass on the next level even if he is a good player. That is how they are important, so I think that Ivana deserves to be mentioned.

By Milena Ilievska

10 October 2011

New at the Rock School: Dafina!

Dafina was born and raised in Mitrovica. Since September 2011, she is part of the Mitrovica Rock School staff as the administrator and coordinator for the South branch.

She received her bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Law in Pristina in 2009. She's not a musician, but she is the lead singer in her air band in her spare time... :p

This is not her first job, for she has had a lot of jobs and involvement in different organisations, but so far it's the best of them!

She enjoys being around outgoing and fun people as those of the Rock School staff and students, and also going to concerts and listening to music of all kinds, and this is what makes her job so special.

3 October 2011

Guidelines for blog reports

Learn to market your school, your band and your image!
The Mitrovica Rock School is gaining an international reputation. Help make us famous, and promote your own band while you’re at it!

“The Loudest School Ever!”

You think people can’t hear us? Well, you’re wrong. Since we started counting less than a year ago, the Rock School blog has had over 10,000 hits!

The Rock School would like you, our students, to write blog reports on concerts and anything else of interest to the Rock School. If approved, your article will be published on this blog.

Your article:
- Should come with at least one good photo (videos uploaded to YouTube can also be used)
- Should have a title and a topic
- Should promote the Rock School’s activities (in some cases, an article may also be about your own band or your personal music activities, but only when it’s BIG news. In that case, you should link it to the Rock School.)
- Should be in English
- Should be checked for spelling
- Should be submitted to and approved by trainee project manager Nikola at hopsy.org@gmail.com.
Nikola may suggest edits to your blog before approving to for publication.
The best articles will be published on the blog.

Examples of blog reports:
- announcements of concerts (at least two days before the concert)
- reports on concerts (no later than three days after the concert)
- announcements of participation in festivals, big concerts, etc. (and reports)
- students’ participation in TV and other competitions
- the Rock School’s participation in TV-shows
- sponsorships (instruments donated, sponsorships of events)
- reports on Rock Academy training weeks
- reports on Summer Schools
- general reports about the Rock School
- and any other creative ideas you can come up with!

Mitrovica has always been a center for the rock music in the region. We want to make sure the world knows!

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