24 October 2011

Music theory lessons

Although it is not necessary to know music theory to be a good musician, it is good and really helpful to know it. So, Ivana Popovic is a professor of music theory and singing in the north branch of the Mitrovica Rock School. In her classes we learn how to read and sing notes, to distinguish between the scales, to recognize tones by ear, which help us play our instruments correctly. Also, we have a lot of fun on those classes, because not everyone of us is a good singer. :)

I am a member of Rock school for about six months, and it brought me not only new experiences, but my knowledge in the area of music is expanded, and I met some new friends, with whom I hang out mostly in the theory classes.

We can use our instruments and voices and we learn through playing and fun. So I am very glad to see a lot of children coming to Rock School, because they have what to learn there, through playing classes and theory lessons.

I wanted to give a little attention to her classes, even though they are not the main reason why students join Rock School. If someone doesn't pass theory exams, he cannot pass on the next level even if he is a good player. That is how they are important, so I think that Ivana deserves to be mentioned.

By Milena Ilievska

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