7 November 2011

Drazo's Rock School going-away

By Minja Velimirovic, singer

I know you all love parties… don’t you? The surprise parties with cake, everyone running around excited and organizing everything to be perfect. And the best part is the surprised look on the face of person who is honored at a celebration. As you all know, Milos, the CBM project manager and coordinator of Rock School's North branch, has moved to Netherlands so we gave him the good-bye surprise party that he deserves.

Everyone was at the Mitrovica Rock School at the specific time and prepared everything for big event.

There was a tasteful cake, guess which shape??? A bass guitar shaped cake, with little fireworks on it.

Milos was thrilled, and surprised also. The look on his face says it all. We are musicians without borders so there was live music, a jam session with students and professors together.

And after a while of partying we watched a video where everyone said a few words of goodbye to our dear Milos. But the party didn’t stop there, we just moved to Soho and continued.

Return of Shahbaz played their last gig louder than ever, it was beautiful to witness and more beautiful to listen, you could really feel the vibes. You can see, Tony is actually smiling on this photo.

Milos has moved and we hope he will visit us very soon but we know that he will always have a special place in our lives, he helped a lot of students and recognized their talent along with the other professors at the Mitrovica Rock School.

I guess all I want to say is:


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Milos Drazevic said...

Hey Rock’n’Rollers, I am truly honored by this blog, it means a lot to me! Thank you all for being the way you are, smart, beautiful, talented…you all deserve much more!
I am so proud because I was part of something as great as Mitrovica Rock School!
Be different, be yourself, be unique!
Big thanks and a hug for Minja.