15 November 2011

The Friday Gig

Mitrovica Rock School students are preparing for anew gig. Every student has to be involved, so this is going to be the first gig for most of them.

Some of us has already had participate Skopje Summer School and for the first time experienced what it is like to be on stage and have your own gig.

But this will be different because we are going to play in front of friends and bunch of familiar people.

Bands keep practicing daily, preparing at least two songs each. My band named Cor (Latin word for heart) prepared two easy songs, easy because we are all beginners, and soon we are going to start working on the third. Not bad, right? :)

We are all nervously expecting that special day and we are very looking forward to it.I will convey you impressions after the gig, till then rock on!

By Milena Ilievska

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