17 September 2012

We Rocked Skopje: Jasmina!

Hi! My name is Jasmina Šuta, I am 17 years old and I attend musical school for 9 years. 
I really like to sing and I'd like to be singer in alternative band. I also play piano but I prefer to sing.

Greetings from Mostar!

We Rocked Skopje: Dado!

Hi all, my name is Nermin but all of my friends know me as Dado! I'm not a regular member of the Mitrovica Rock School but I'm always around. I play in band Dark Sky with Milan, Filip and Emir! Skopje was amazing experience!

See you again sometimes!

We Rocked Skopje: Visar!

Hi there. My name is Visar Pllana, this was my first time in Skopje and it was an adventure ;) 

I'm 18 and I play the bass for almost one year in the Mitrovica Rock School,

 So that’s it , rock on ;)

We Rocked Skopje: Bakir!

Hi! I'm Bakir, I from Mostar. I'm 15 years old and I play bass guitar in band Hypersten. I play guitar since I was 11. Skopje Summer School was unique experience and I think this project is amazing in geneal!

Hope to see you all again!

We Rocked Skpje: Milos!

Hi all, my name is Milos and I study in Mitrovica. I'm basically new member of the Mitrovica Rock Scool but I play bass guitar for several years and I never miss the event Mitrovica Rock School is organizing! Skopje was amazing experience and I hope I will go again next year!

See ya!

We Rocked Skopje: Murat!

Hi, I’m  Murat and I play  guitar. This was my first time that I performed in Skopje. Had a good time there…

See you again next year!

We Rocked Skopje: Ajdin!

Hello! My name is Ajdin Brkovic, 18 years old and I'm a singer in band Hypersten. I also write songs. You can see about my band on our Facebook page. I also produce electronic music.

Skopje was amazing!

We Rocked Skopje: Nemanja!

Hello! My name is Nemanja and I'm a member of the Mitrovica Rock School for a long time now! I work as a trainee bass teacher and I'm a member of the A-team band the Artchiets. In Mitrovica I play in band Omnibusi. 

We had a great time this time as always and my band recorded two new singles!

We Rocked Skopje: Njomza!

Hello , im Njomza  keyboard player at the Crackers. This was my first time at Skopje Summer School and I had a great time!

See you next year! :)

We Rocked Skopje: Visar!

 Hi there,

I’m Visar, I sing in the rock school and play piano, I enjoy writing songs, going out with friends, and food. I participated in Skopje Summer Scool in 2008, 2010, and now I was a part of this year’s summer school.

Wish you all the best!

We Rocked Skopje: Milan!

Hi all! My name is Milan and I sing and play guitar! I work in Mitrovica Rock School as a trainee and I play in the band Dark Sky with my friends Dado, Emir and Filip!

Skopje was beautiful experience with a lot of positive energy!

We Rocked Skopje: Manuela!

My name is Manuela. I sing, I dance and I play piano. :) I play piano for 12 years and I sing since I was born. 
I had played in few bands but now I am just singing in one girl band.

Skopje was awesome and hope to see you again:D

We Rocked Skopje: Ivan!

Hey there, my name is Ivan Boras, 20 years old. I was born in Mostar and i've lived here all my life. I play guitar/bass guitar for couple of years now, played in a few bands so far, I also play drums for six months now, nothing special thou.
 I was really looking forward to Skopje Summer School  because I have learned a lot of new stuff about music, gear, playing and getting a good tone on guitars! 

I've met a lot of very good people in Skopje!

We Rocked Skopje: Ana!

Hello! My name is Ana and I'm 21 years old. I'm from Mostar, where I study social work.
I play acoustic guitar, but in my all girl rock band I play bass guitar.
As very ambicious person, I'm putting all my efforts to become madly good bass player :)

Skopje was a new experience for me and I liked it a lot!

We Rocked Skopje: Strahinja!

Hello, I'm Strahinja and I'm 17 years old. I play guitar for 3 years and my favourite music genres are rock and blues.

Skopje Summer School was a great experience for me and I had a lot of fun!

We Rocked Skopje: Lazar!

Hi all! I'm Lazar and I play bass guitar. I'm 17 and play for more than a year. I love the sound of my instrument in the combination with the whole band and that's what drives me to play!

This was my first time Skopje and it was unforgeable!

We Rocked Skopje: Albina!

Hi everyone!
My name is Albina and  I'm a student in Medical School in Mitrovica. I'm a singer in Mitrovica Rock School’s band called “Green Hypnosis”. This is was my first time that I went Skopje.

Performing live for me is a big satisfaction and Skopje Summer School gave me that!

Hope to see you all again!

We Rocked Skopje: Enver!

Hi I’m Enver and this was my third time in Skopje. I had a good time there.   Hope to see you again! :)

We Rocked Skopje: Drilon!

Hi, my name is Drilon and I’m bass player in  Mitrovica Rock School’s band “The Crackers”. It passed almost one year since I started playing bass guitar and I really enjoy it, before I played guitar. This was my first time at Skopje Summer School, and I hope I will get the chance to go next year! This year was great experience and I enjoyed our stay there.  


We Rocked Skopje: Baton!

Yo , what’s up my name is Baton Haxhikadriu and I play DRUMS . I’m 16 and I’ve been playing drums for 4 years.

 This was my second time at Skopje Summer School, and I had a great experience and I hope next year will be the same, or better, who knows! 

Skopje Summer School Rocks!!!

We Rocked Skopje: Emir!

Hello everyone!

 My name is Emir and I play guitar since 2000. I'm a member of the Mitrovica Rock School A-team band the Artchitects and also a member of the Dark Sky, a band I formed with my friend in 2005.

It was AMAZING week!

We Rocked Skopje: Ammar!


My name is Ammar Turkovic , 16 years old and I am a second year high school student in Stolac .
I'm a drummer in orchestra „Gradska limena glazba/muzika Stolac“ . I also play gitar.
I participated as a drummer on a diferent seminars.

Hope to see you next year!

We Rocked Skopje: Mirza!

Hello! My name is Mirza Alendar, I'm 17 years old and I play drums for 2 and a half years now. I'm a drummer in a band in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

I learned to play drums on my own, and I also play sports such as soccer, skiing and boxing.

It was very nice meeting you everybody in Skopje!

We Rocked Skopje: Ervin!

 I am 18 yearz old, and my name is Ervin. I like music and that is my life. I am in to music for 10 years now. 

I sing, play drums and guitar. My wish is to be famous and popular in my job :D Also I am producer (beat-maker) and I have my own HOME RECORDING STUDIO. 

I love all people on the eart and for me it is not important if somebody is black yellow white, red or anything else :D ..We are all one. 

Skopje was AWESOME and hope to see you next year!

5 September 2012

We Rocked Skopje: Neils!

Hi there! My name is Niels Nuiver (23) and I'm from Tilburg, The Netherlands. I study drums at the Fontys Rockacademie in Tilburg. As a session musician.

 I like to work with different people at live peformances or studio sessions. Besides that I work as a drum teachtr as well.
We'll had a great time in Skopje!

Below you'll find some videos of my work as a drummer:

4 September 2012

We Rocked Skopje: Ceni!

Hey everybody! 

I'm Hysen Damati born in the lovely city of Mitrovica :). 

I'm 18 and my all time favorite hobbies are music and sport. Since I was a little boy, I always enjoyed singing and making music in our school and in different organization in our city. I also play tennis in my spare time.

Had amazing experience in Skopje!

Ceni! :)

We Rocked Skopje: Vesa!

Hi y’all,

I’m Vesa, a drummer at Mitrovica Rock School-South Branch. This was my third time coming to Skopje Summer  School, and I’m kind of familiar, but this year was a lil’ bit different because of the fact that there is a new rock school from Mostar was there, and it was very interesting J

We’ll had a great time, like we do every year, and learned new things as well.


We Rocked Skopje: Amar!

Hi! My name is Amar Šantić, I'm 16 years old, I'm guitarist and back-vocalist in a band called ''Hypersten''.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC5pdmtPX78  <-- Click on the link and check out one of my songs and you can also find my band on facebook and youtube.

I also play bass, drums and keyboards.
I'm singing and writing songs.


We Rocked Skopje: Merit!

Hi there! My name is Merit. Im 22 years old and last June I graduated on the Rock Academy as a singer-songwriter. That means my adult life is about to begin! :)

I'm currently working on two different music schools in Holland. I teach kids to play the piano, I give songwriting and music theory classes and workshops.
I also play in two bands. One of those is my own project. I play the piano, the guitar a little bit, the ukelele and I sing. So a big part of my life is about music!
Apart from that I love backpack-traveling and cafe latte on rainy mornings or summer evenings!
See you around!


21 August 2012

2012 Summer School crew: Blerta!

Hello again!!!

I'm Blerta, was born, grew up and live in Mitrovica. I'll  turn 18 (this time in Skopje with all of you yay!!). 

I'm a student and also one of the interns of the Rock School, in vocals.

Besides the rock school, I also go to the High School of Music "Tefta Tashko", 3rd year, in Mitrovica.

A usual day in my life is filled with music, rehearsals, night outs, books, friends, family. I'm a singer and also write my own songs, I have a few bands, in the rock school and outside.

The genres that i like to play  and listen to vary from pure rock to electronic, and everything in between!
Playing with new people is always a pleasure for me.

Can't wait to meet all of you, and MUSIC A WHOLE WEEK LONG!


20 August 2012

2012 Summer School crew: Azra!

My name is Azra Aksoj, and I am 15 years old.

I'm studing music theory in Music school in Mostar.
I sing, play piano, and I'm writing my own songs in English!

See you in Skopje!

2012 Summer School crew: Oha!

Born in 1978 in Mostar. Works in music industry since 1996 as live and studio musician, event producer, project manager.

As musician and percussionist I shared live music performances with Brian Eno, Horace Andy, Prince Stanley, Eugene Skeef, Anthony Tidd, Duncan Sheik, Mehnaz, Nigel Osborne,.... 

I was member of Dubioza Kolektiv for 5 years, and also cooperated with Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Vasil Hadzimanov Band, Dutch Metropole Orchestra, Umoya Ensamble,....

In 2005 I worked as Music director for SE Europe for EXPO 2005 in AICHI Japan.
I am producer of Mostar Blues Festival. Manager of Recording Studio MC Pavarotti and Manager of Mostar Rock School.

See you in Skopje!

2012 Summer School crew: Jasper!


My name is Jasper and I'm from Holland I study Songwriting and Sound Engineering here and also play guitar and sing in a band called 'To Twelve'

I heard so many good things about the Skopje Summer School so I can't wait to go!

See you there!

2012 Summer School crew: Mima!

Hello, my name is Milena Ilievska, I am 23, and I study English language and literature in Northern Mitrovica. 

I joined Mitrovica Rock School couple of months before the Skopje Summer School 2011 as a drum player and since then the fun didn't stop! As far as music is concerned I listen to many genres, classic and alternative rock, progressive and psychodelic rock, punk, ska, drum'n'bass, dubstep, and currently I am totally into trip-hop. 

Last year was too much fun and with Mostar Rock School included this year will be without a doubt unforgettable. See you there....

2012 Summer School crew: Savica!

Hi all! 
My name is Savica and I'm 17 years old. I don't play any instrument but I sing. I sing since I was 4 and I participated in various singing festivals in Serbia.

I'm attending the Mitrovica Rock School for few months now and I sing in a band.

Mitrovica Rock School is a beautiful experience for me and I can't wait to go to my first Summer School!

See you all in Skopje!

18 August 2012

2012 Summer School crew: Filip!

Helooooo. My name is Filip. I am 20 years old. I start to play drums before 4 years in Mitrovica Rock School, I'm also a member of a band "The Artchitects". So I hope that we gonna have great time in Skopje, and see yaaa sooonnn. 


Meet Summer School crew: Lenart!

Hi to all of you!!!

My name is Lenart, this is my third time in Skopje and I’m waiting for the biggest experience of the summer like we did last years… 

I play guitar and I'm the member of the Artchitects, Mitrovica Rock School A-team.

See you in Skopje!

2012 Summer School crew: Drazen

Hello! My name is Dražen Mikulčić, I'm 19 and from Mostar.

In my band I play the guitar and sing the back vocal.
I like good music and fun

I'm really looking forward to seeing your school and meeting everybody. See ya!

17 August 2012

2012 Summer School crew: Maja!

Hi! My name is Maja Peric. I am 21 years old and I study Psychology in Mostar, which is also my hometown.

My two great loves are music and dance. I'm a singer in a band.

I am extremely excited about the whole idea of rock school and I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone in Skopje.

See you in Skopje!

2012 Summer School crew: Andrea!

My name is Andrea Peric and I have been hanging out with other people on Earth for 21 years already. 
I am currently studying Croatian language and literature in Mostar.

I have wanted to play guitar when I was only 6, but I made that decision come to life at 17. I am playing guitar in one girl band in Mostar.

I am looking forward to be a part of the rock school and I am extremely grateful that I will have a chance to hang out with all of the musicians in Skopje!

Se you there!

2012 Summer School crew: Meet Adelina!

Hello’u everyone! 

This is my first time to write an introduction for the Skopje Summer School, the first trip to Skopje too ... and it's a good feeling :)
I’m Adelina Haxhani. I’m 17 years old. I play keyboard and I'm a part of the band called “The Green Hypnosis”. Except Rock School, I go to the musical high school “Tefta Tashko” in Mitrovica.
I enjoy spending time taking pictures and listening to music at the same time. It’s the most beautiful feeling! 


 I can't wait to meet you all, so see you there…and hope that we’ll have a great time together!!! 

28 June 2012

Groove Embassy & Dyzack in Mitrovica Rock School

Beside the concerts, living room sessions, and recordings, Mitrovica rock school also very often organizes workshops, with great musicians which share their music experience and give a lot to the MRS students. This time was all about Funk music, creativity, and promoting yourself as a new artist. 

The Funk Workshop

Groove Embassy is a funk band from The Netherlands. While touring in Balkans they stopped in Mitrovica, to give us a crash course of funk music. Their excitement was big, because it was the first time they did a workshop, but in the same time excitement of the Mitrvica Rock School students was enormous. Sharing a lot of ideas and also showing us their impression with the music industry, The Grove Embassy finished the workshop.

The Internet Promotion Workshop

“Promoting yourself as an artist nowadays is easy” said Dyzack, who in the very beginning amazed us with a great guitar performance before starting the workshop about promotion and especially, how we can use the internet to promote ourselves. With a lot of new information, the MRS students were ready to rock in a concert which took place in Lane Bar, along Dyzack and The Groove Embassy.

The Concert

 Everybody was prepared and everybody couldn’t wait to play. After The four rock school bands who did a very nice gig, the amazing Dyzack took the stage and totally rocked it. Then in the very end, everybody was smelling FUNK. The Grove Embassy grooved the roof, and the concert was over.
Mitrovica Rock School, with a very large number of musicians/friends, all over the world is preparing for the next year, while having a summer vacation and showing everybody our proud faces for an incredibly successful year !

Visar Kasa.

29 May 2012

Songwriting workshop with the Rock Academy students

By Blerta, singer

And the tradition continues!

Just like every  year, this time also, thestudents from the RA visited the  Mitrovica Rock School. 
The brand new thing this time, was the songwriting workshop. Despite the other workshops, we had two songwriting workshops on the south branch, with Merit and Katja.
A very nice idea, for, most of the students that are at the school at the moment, are generally new musicians, which don't have that much knowledge about writing songs.

We have learned, and shared many ideas and methods about writing a song, most of which were pretty easy and handy ways/ tips of helping you out in case your mind gets stuck while trying to write music.

Each of the students worked individually with Katja and/or Merit, they wrote a part of a song, first worked on the lyrics, then on the chords and harmony and afterwards with one of the most important things in music, the performance!

So, basically it wasn't just a song-writing oriented workshop, but we also have been working on vocal technique, appearance, performance, and many other small problems that we thought we had during our performances aswell.

At the end of the training week, there was the concert on Thursday evening at Lane Bar, on which the bands played their original songs, the RA students were the special appearance and also the last act of the night.

As a bottom line, It's been a very pleasant and productive week for us!


If you want to see more photos from the trainings and concerts please "Like" our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MitrovicaRockSchool

For more information about Mitrovica Rock School activities please visit our web page:  www.mitrovicarockschool.org

18 May 2012

Coming to Mitrovica this Monday: meet Katja!

Hello! My name is Katja Remmerswaal, 22 years old and I study vocals at the Rock Academy in Tilburg.

I'm a singer in two bands, where I also write all the songs. You can see one of my bands at www.katjaremmerswaal.nl. I also give singing lessons and I write songs for other artist.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your school and meeting everybody. See you soon!

23 March 2012

Training week in Holland 2012

By Blerta Kosova, Rock School student and Trainee Vocal Coach

It's been the fourth time now, that the teachers from the Mitrovica Rock School went to Holland for the yearly training week at the Rock Academy in Tilburg. But something special that we never did before, happened this year! Except of the teachers/coaches that go regularly, this time, the interns of the school (each for their instrument) joined also! :)

The big adventure started on Sunday, March 11. After we arrived, we unpacked and were getting ready for the week! The place where we were staying, called "Beekse Bergen",was like a big park, full of little bungalows in a really nice place, with a lot of trees, grass and a big lake! It was about a 10 minutes drive from Tilburg.

So on Monday we we're ready to go! We've gotten our schedules and plans for the week and started. Each of us had different workshops, in different classes, sometimes at the same time and sometimes not, sometimes as a group and sometimes as individuals.

Besides the work, we also went out, in the sun and enjoyed the excellent weather that we we're having, and at nights visited different places and restaurants on which we had dinner. Not to forget to mention the great dinner that Wendy and Dafina cooked for us, at the Bungalow where we stayed for 5 days! (thanks so much girls, you rock! ;) )

Also our dear Gerdien invited us for dinner one night, where we had a really pleasant time, thanks to the cozy house, atmosphere, nice people, jam session, and of course the super delicious food that her husband cooked for us! yummy!

And it was Ceni's birthday on Thursday, so our super talented cooks (Wendy and Dafina), were showing themselves again, by making a super dinner AGAIN! But this time, for 4 extra people, that we invited from the rock academy, which means for about 17 people! Really... good job! After a nice celebrating, we went out to watch some of the Rock Academie's students play live on a gig in the city.

We also visited Venlo a nice little city, and watched a band playing live. Another place we visited was the Hall of Fame, which is like a youth center, where young people could make gigs, parties, workshops, seminars, take band classes, skateboarding, and a lot more!

The days went unnoticeably fast! All I remember was arriving there on Sunday… and HOP it was Friday!

Friday was our last day in Tilburg and also the last day of workshops. We woke up, packed, and went to the Rock Academie, for the evaluation plan and at 3:30 P.M, we went to the train station, but not for going home! ..OH NO! The other adventure was waiting! We were heading straight to Amsterdam!! We had a whole weekend there, where we could get to know and enjoy the great city!

I have to say it was a very pleasant, relaxing but at the same time very efficient week on which we had a balanced working and social life. It was an amazing experience, especially for us (interns), because it was something totally new for us, but also for the teachers who were telling us that, it was also refreshing for them to have "a piece of youth" with them. It was a nice feeling to be there as part of the Staff of the Mitrovica Rock School (the grown ups;) ), get to know everyone better, and to be trained at a very professional level.

The Mitrovica Rock School still has it on, by keeping everything fresh, innovative and cool!

Cheers B.