17 January 2012

Getting ready for a rockin' 2012!!

So, days, months, and even years passed (4 to be more particular) and the rock school has still managed to be on top of the coolest school list!

This year, we started with some small changes in the internal structure of the school. After a very productive meeting with the teachers, students and coordinators, we have created *drum roll*... the Student Council!
A brand new thing that we never did before! The title may sound boring, but actually it's really cool to be part of it, because we do the fun parts, like: giving ideas for concerts, events, helping the new bands with choosing songs, keeping our co-students posted with everything and working for the best of their interests. The student council currently has 6 members, me (Blerta), Visar, Vesa, Lenart, Hysen and also a relatively new student Urim.

The winter break is over, everyone is full of energy for a rockin' 2012, and you can tell from the rehearsals. All the bands have been choosing new songs to cover, and also working on some new original stuff. I also had the chance to stay during the rehearsals of one of the new bands (with complete new students), and I really have to say that they're doing pretty good! (I feel threatened... psst).

The upcoming events that the school's been planing to do the coming months are:
- A grand opening concert, for moving to the new building (awesome huh!);
- The next living room session in 7 Arte;
- The 80s concert;
- A concert without covers, all homemade brand new songs (double awesome!);

and a lot more... so stay tuned, because we're about to do some

Keep on rockin' in the free world!!

By Blerta Kosova

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