24 January 2012

The Living Room Session about hippie music

The second living room session organized by the MRS South branch, was held on Monday, the 23d, at the Creative Corner, or as many of us know as 7 Arte.

It started around 9pm, and lasted for about an hour and a half. It may sound long, but every single minute was very interesting, and the main reason was without doubt, our great "teacher", Anisa, which by adding a lot of humor, spirit, and interaction with the audience, made that possible.
While Anisa was talking, we were enjoying the nice music on the background, and also getting a clue, of who she was talking about, from the big screen in front of us.

We didn't have that big of an audience but, there were just enough people to make a nice and very warm evening, full of atmosphere and interesting facts, that probably most of us didn't know.

Can't wait for the next session!!

Cheers B.

photos by: Kushtrim Hoti

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