29 May 2012

Songwriting workshop with the Rock Academy students

By Blerta, singer

And the tradition continues!

Just like every  year, this time also, thestudents from the RA visited the  Mitrovica Rock School. 
The brand new thing this time, was the songwriting workshop. Despite the other workshops, we had two songwriting workshops on the south branch, with Merit and Katja.
A very nice idea, for, most of the students that are at the school at the moment, are generally new musicians, which don't have that much knowledge about writing songs.

We have learned, and shared many ideas and methods about writing a song, most of which were pretty easy and handy ways/ tips of helping you out in case your mind gets stuck while trying to write music.

Each of the students worked individually with Katja and/or Merit, they wrote a part of a song, first worked on the lyrics, then on the chords and harmony and afterwards with one of the most important things in music, the performance!

So, basically it wasn't just a song-writing oriented workshop, but we also have been working on vocal technique, appearance, performance, and many other small problems that we thought we had during our performances aswell.

At the end of the training week, there was the concert on Thursday evening at Lane Bar, on which the bands played their original songs, the RA students were the special appearance and also the last act of the night.

As a bottom line, It's been a very pleasant and productive week for us!


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