28 June 2012

Groove Embassy & Dyzack in Mitrovica Rock School

Beside the concerts, living room sessions, and recordings, Mitrovica rock school also very often organizes workshops, with great musicians which share their music experience and give a lot to the MRS students. This time was all about Funk music, creativity, and promoting yourself as a new artist. 

The Funk Workshop

Groove Embassy is a funk band from The Netherlands. While touring in Balkans they stopped in Mitrovica, to give us a crash course of funk music. Their excitement was big, because it was the first time they did a workshop, but in the same time excitement of the Mitrvica Rock School students was enormous. Sharing a lot of ideas and also showing us their impression with the music industry, The Grove Embassy finished the workshop.

The Internet Promotion Workshop

“Promoting yourself as an artist nowadays is easy” said Dyzack, who in the very beginning amazed us with a great guitar performance before starting the workshop about promotion and especially, how we can use the internet to promote ourselves. With a lot of new information, the MRS students were ready to rock in a concert which took place in Lane Bar, along Dyzack and The Groove Embassy.

The Concert

 Everybody was prepared and everybody couldn’t wait to play. After The four rock school bands who did a very nice gig, the amazing Dyzack took the stage and totally rocked it. Then in the very end, everybody was smelling FUNK. The Grove Embassy grooved the roof, and the concert was over.
Mitrovica Rock School, with a very large number of musicians/friends, all over the world is preparing for the next year, while having a summer vacation and showing everybody our proud faces for an incredibly successful year !

Visar Kasa.

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