21 August 2012

2012 Summer School crew: Blerta!

Hello again!!!

I'm Blerta, was born, grew up and live in Mitrovica. I'll  turn 18 (this time in Skopje with all of you yay!!). 

I'm a student and also one of the interns of the Rock School, in vocals.

Besides the rock school, I also go to the High School of Music "Tefta Tashko", 3rd year, in Mitrovica.

A usual day in my life is filled with music, rehearsals, night outs, books, friends, family. I'm a singer and also write my own songs, I have a few bands, in the rock school and outside.

The genres that i like to play  and listen to vary from pure rock to electronic, and everything in between!
Playing with new people is always a pleasure for me.

Can't wait to meet all of you, and MUSIC A WHOLE WEEK LONG!


20 August 2012

2012 Summer School crew: Azra!

My name is Azra Aksoj, and I am 15 years old.

I'm studing music theory in Music school in Mostar.
I sing, play piano, and I'm writing my own songs in English!

See you in Skopje!

2012 Summer School crew: Oha!

Born in 1978 in Mostar. Works in music industry since 1996 as live and studio musician, event producer, project manager.

As musician and percussionist I shared live music performances with Brian Eno, Horace Andy, Prince Stanley, Eugene Skeef, Anthony Tidd, Duncan Sheik, Mehnaz, Nigel Osborne,.... 

I was member of Dubioza Kolektiv for 5 years, and also cooperated with Mostar Sevdah Reunion, Vasil Hadzimanov Band, Dutch Metropole Orchestra, Umoya Ensamble,....

In 2005 I worked as Music director for SE Europe for EXPO 2005 in AICHI Japan.
I am producer of Mostar Blues Festival. Manager of Recording Studio MC Pavarotti and Manager of Mostar Rock School.

See you in Skopje!

2012 Summer School crew: Jasper!


My name is Jasper and I'm from Holland I study Songwriting and Sound Engineering here and also play guitar and sing in a band called 'To Twelve'

I heard so many good things about the Skopje Summer School so I can't wait to go!

See you there!

2012 Summer School crew: Mima!

Hello, my name is Milena Ilievska, I am 23, and I study English language and literature in Northern Mitrovica. 

I joined Mitrovica Rock School couple of months before the Skopje Summer School 2011 as a drum player and since then the fun didn't stop! As far as music is concerned I listen to many genres, classic and alternative rock, progressive and psychodelic rock, punk, ska, drum'n'bass, dubstep, and currently I am totally into trip-hop. 

Last year was too much fun and with Mostar Rock School included this year will be without a doubt unforgettable. See you there....

2012 Summer School crew: Savica!

Hi all! 
My name is Savica and I'm 17 years old. I don't play any instrument but I sing. I sing since I was 4 and I participated in various singing festivals in Serbia.

I'm attending the Mitrovica Rock School for few months now and I sing in a band.

Mitrovica Rock School is a beautiful experience for me and I can't wait to go to my first Summer School!

See you all in Skopje!

18 August 2012

2012 Summer School crew: Filip!

Helooooo. My name is Filip. I am 20 years old. I start to play drums before 4 years in Mitrovica Rock School, I'm also a member of a band "The Artchitects". So I hope that we gonna have great time in Skopje, and see yaaa sooonnn. 


Meet Summer School crew: Lenart!

Hi to all of you!!!

My name is Lenart, this is my third time in Skopje and I’m waiting for the biggest experience of the summer like we did last years… 

I play guitar and I'm the member of the Artchitects, Mitrovica Rock School A-team.

See you in Skopje!

2012 Summer School crew: Drazen

Hello! My name is Dražen Mikulčić, I'm 19 and from Mostar.

In my band I play the guitar and sing the back vocal.
I like good music and fun

I'm really looking forward to seeing your school and meeting everybody. See ya!

17 August 2012

2012 Summer School crew: Maja!

Hi! My name is Maja Peric. I am 21 years old and I study Psychology in Mostar, which is also my hometown.

My two great loves are music and dance. I'm a singer in a band.

I am extremely excited about the whole idea of rock school and I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone in Skopje.

See you in Skopje!

2012 Summer School crew: Andrea!

My name is Andrea Peric and I have been hanging out with other people on Earth for 21 years already. 
I am currently studying Croatian language and literature in Mostar.

I have wanted to play guitar when I was only 6, but I made that decision come to life at 17. I am playing guitar in one girl band in Mostar.

I am looking forward to be a part of the rock school and I am extremely grateful that I will have a chance to hang out with all of the musicians in Skopje!

Se you there!

2012 Summer School crew: Meet Adelina!

Hello’u everyone! 

This is my first time to write an introduction for the Skopje Summer School, the first trip to Skopje too ... and it's a good feeling :)
I’m Adelina Haxhani. I’m 17 years old. I play keyboard and I'm a part of the band called “The Green Hypnosis”. Except Rock School, I go to the musical high school “Tefta Tashko” in Mitrovica.
I enjoy spending time taking pictures and listening to music at the same time. It’s the most beautiful feeling! 


 I can't wait to meet you all, so see you there…and hope that we’ll have a great time together!!!