21 August 2012

2012 Summer School crew: Blerta!

Hello again!!!

I'm Blerta, was born, grew up and live in Mitrovica. I'll  turn 18 (this time in Skopje with all of you yay!!). 

I'm a student and also one of the interns of the Rock School, in vocals.

Besides the rock school, I also go to the High School of Music "Tefta Tashko", 3rd year, in Mitrovica.

A usual day in my life is filled with music, rehearsals, night outs, books, friends, family. I'm a singer and also write my own songs, I have a few bands, in the rock school and outside.

The genres that i like to play  and listen to vary from pure rock to electronic, and everything in between!
Playing with new people is always a pleasure for me.

Can't wait to meet all of you, and MUSIC A WHOLE WEEK LONG!


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