29 January 2013

Tongue Tied Twin

A blues/rock’n’roll/punk show hosted by a one-man band Tongue Tied Twin (Winterthur, Switzerland) did not attract a huge audience, however, but for some 60+ regular giggoers who showed up at Mitrovica Rock School on January 24 it was a night to cherish. 

Never before in our long history of gig organizing had we had our stage occupied by a single man who, turns out, can utilize a host of instruments, ranging from guitar to drums and harmonica, with incredible dexterity, creativity and showmanship.  

It was us experimenting with the idea of having over a one-man band and it seems the audience was blown away, so much so that we afterwards managed to squeeze in another show in his hectic tour schedule coming Autumn this year which will be held at the same venue; a reminder for all people who missed out on this one not to do it again! It would take us awhile to cite all excited testimonials from the fans so it will suffice to say they all agree that it was an enticing piece of musical performance of a most refreshing sort.

Check out Tongue Tied Twin’s Website and Facebook page for more info on this one-man project.

25 January 2013

New Management team member!

Hi Mitrovica Rock School supporters,

My name is Aleksandar Sovrlic and I’m currently majoring in PA at the IBCM College based in Mitrovica. I’m hailing from the town of Kragujevac in central Serbia, but currently on an extended stay in Mitrovica to pursue my educational and professional goals.

 Although my title is not yet defined I’ll be here to assist the overburdened management team and help with grant writing, narrative reporting and Mitrovica Rock School official site up-keeping. 

Looking forward to all the experience, new friendships and memorable moments I will gain during my tenure here.

New Guitar teacher!

Born in 1980 in Pristina, Stafai studied the Pedagogy of Music at the Faculty of Arts in Pristina. Currently, he is doing his master studies for arrangement in the class of Prof. Valton Beqiri.
Astrit Stafai is experimental musician, guitarist & multi-instrumentalist. He participated in music workshops in France, England, Macedonia, etc. He is also part of different projects and musical concerts, either regional or international.
 Projects: Acoustic Trio, Trui ethno Flamengo, No Name electro etc. He participated in several festivals such as: Dam Festival , Flute Sounds and Pristina Jazz Festival (Kosovo) , Krushevo Music Festival (Macedonia),Fete de la Musique (France and Kosovo), Cultural Exchanges Music(France),World Theatrical Musical (UK), etc.

We wish him many successful students! :)