7 March 2013

Polaroid 3, back for another concert and workshop at the Mitrovica Rock School

What better way to start a new month, than a huge concert with lots of fans, friends and family ?!! Actually that's exactly what happened last friday, March 1st, at the rock school! It was 11 am, when the interns and teacher Edon, met at the school, planning the whole event and setting everything up for the workshop that was going to start later on that day, at about 2 pm. In the meantime students were entering the school every minute, until the band finally arrived at 1:30 pm.  After a little chatting, everyone was already busy, helping  with the PR and setting the instruments in the stage. After that, everything was ready for the workshop!

So the basic idea of the  4 hour workshop was, to form two bands that liked to play together with Polaroid 3 that night at the concert and learn two of their songs to play.
After learning the songs, at about 7, Polaroid 3 and most of the students went home to get ready for the great night! 
In the meantime there was a short dress rehearsal with some of the bands, a general sound check, and everything was ready!

It didn't take long before the first few guests came, at 8! And only after a short while, the whole space was full, lots of people came, including the french and german ambassadors !!
It's hard to describe the atmosphere that covered the whole building that night, it was very warm, with very nice music and very nice people!
After all of the schools bands played (Green Hypnosis, Rocking Tune, Jutbina, The Frames, Freak Week, and as a special guest the new band The Drps), Polaroid 3 were on the stage!
They performed the first and the last song together with the students.

Everyone was having a blast, that was for sure, the dancing and smiling faces said it all !

It was in the end, the most memorable night, and the nicest concert we ever organized!

Until the next rocking night, cheers from the south branch!

On their second Kosovo tour this France-based alternative electric pop band Polaroid3 sought to further familiarize themselves with the Mitrovica music scene, as well as familiarize avid gig-goers on both sides of the divided city with their own brand of pop music. The band also contributed to the Mitrovica Rock School with a host of training sessions with MRS’s students and hanged out with inspired youngsters during their stay in Mitrovica.

Skip forward to the night of the gig… As the lights dimmed at CRYM youth center venue, which homed a sizeable audience of all ages for the duration of this musical feast, the band broke onto stage and graced the audience with a set of experimental tunes from their EP ”Rebirth of Joy”. Those who were seeing this band for the first time expecting the catchy pop-rock tunes may have been in for a bit of a shock though because the material they presented was all but packed with conventional –style pop music.

 Their style was relaxed as the set took swing from downbeat droney hypnotic tracks interspersing with upbeat foot-stomping sentimentals which pleased the crowd. The entire set was done in just over an hour but that meant far from calling it a day. There was a jam session to follow… As the changeover was being made on the stage it was noticeable that the crowd increased for all those fashionably late but it was for the better.  This is the point where euphoria peaked as the students from the crowd shared the stage with musicians for a little while as they jammed together, reaping frenzied approvals from their friends in the crowd. 

The effusion of jazzy beats continued on till small hours until at last at about 1:30am it was time for a fairly late finish to an exquisite night.
Mitrovica Rock School was proud to host Polaroid3 and to nurture a cooperation of long-standing with the band. Looking forward to having them over at our school soon again.

One big cheers from the North branch!

Written by Blerta and Aca