26 July 2013

Eric Wels at Mitrovica Rock School

Eric (Rock School Program Coordinator) made another trip to Mitrovica Rock School in July 2013 to work with the A-team bands and prep them up for the Skopje Band Camp in August. He worked closely with the teaching staff to help bands kickstart their songwriting tasks and his approach certainly blew away the cobwebs helping students to overcome their writing blocks. Each band came up and recorded instrumental and vocal bits for at least two song concepts that will be smoothed out into completed songs at Skopje Band Camp. Check the pictures below to see the fun everybody had.



19 July 2013


Hi there!
My name is Bart van Haare and I am 25 years old. 

I live in the city of Utrecht. I study bass guitar at the Rockacademy in Tilburg. 

I play bass in a live hiphop orchestra called Amenti + and a heavy rockband called RENTAP. 

Besides bass guitar, I take classes in Band coaching and Business at the Rockacademy. 

I work as tourmanager, stagemanager, bandcoach en bass guitar teacher.
I am sure we will have a good time together in Macedeonia. 

Hope to see you all there!!!
Cheers and take care,

Bart van Haare


My name is Lars Spijkervet. I'm a 23 year old Drummer/Recording- and mixingengineer. 

After this summer I will start my graduating year at the Rockacademy in Tilburg. I will graduate as a drummer and sound engineer.

At the moment I play the drums in 2 bands. Duskhead: www.duskhead.com and Ella Médit: www.facebook.com/EllaMedit
Next to that I'm working on the EP of the Black Marble Selection: www.blackmarbleselection.com
I'm looking forward to coming to Macedonia!

16 July 2013


Hello there! 

My name is Scarlett Kesseleer, I’m 22 years old and I study keys at the Rockacademy in the Netherlands. 

I am a part-time teacher at a music school where I give piano lessons and band coaching.
I play in 2 bands. One of the bands is called “Sarah’s Blue Dress”. It’s a singer-songwriter band where I play piano, sing backings and write the songs. 

I also play in “Ella Médit” where I perform synthesizers and do backings.
I’m excited to come to Macedonia and I’ll see you in August! 


15 July 2013


For this years Band Camp in Skopje we have some great new musicians coming over from the Rock Academy (Netherlands)

One of them is Fleur Van Gorp, let her introduce herself:

Hi !

My name is Fleur Van Gorp and I am 21 years old. I'm studying songwriting at the Rockacademy in the Netherlands. 
I have a band called 'Ella Médit'. I write all the songs for this band and I play the piano and do the backing vocals. 
Sometimes I perform as singer-songwriter 'Fleur Van Gorp' and I have several projects where I sing backing vocals. I also write songs for other artist and projects. 
I'm looking forward to come to Macedonië in August ! 
See You There !