30 August 2013

Ambassador Band Camp Studio Recording

As planned our A-team bands have been more than prolific in the creative binge they embarked on in Skopje. Each band came up with 2-3 new original songs which they starting recording as early as Wednesday morning. Here are some photos taken from the recording session of the Toe May Toes' new song.

Final preparations and micing of the instrument @Toe May Toes recording session in studio with Fontys Rockacademie coaches.

Inside the studio with Band Camp sound engineers and Fontys Rockacademie coaches.

Fully mixed songs from Toe May Toes, Sumbime 6 and Schism coming up soon.



Ambassador Band Camp Day Off

Wednesday was a day reserved for a recreational outing where the students, their teachers and the whole Band Camp team caught a little respite from the hectic week of rehearsing and music-making. Veles, a charming small resort 30+ km northeast off the Macedonian capital, provided for a good location for Band Campers to recoup their energy.

Band Campers dipping in swimming pool at hotel Romantique, Veles.

A big group lunch on a relaxing afternoon off in Veles.

27 August 2013

Ambassador Band Camp Activities

Check out some of the photos taken on the first day of the Mitrovica Rock School Ambassador Band Camp at Skopje.

 Activities at Skopje Band Camp are in full swing. The first day at the band camp was reserved for meet and greet as to the many of the participants this is the first time at Skopje Band Camp. Not long after each of our A-team bands got assigned a trainer did the practice rooms resounded with gritty rock and roll riffs and the ambiance of creative swept through.

The Fontys Rock Academy supplemented the teams and added diversity to the coaching the student get here. They helped senior teachers and trainers achieve better efficiency by individually working with students and helping out with instrument set-up.

"I learned one trick how to tune my guitar and using my hearing instead of risking to snap a wire on my guitar. They help us a lot" - Ivan 

The practice rooms and the studio are fully operational and up to our standards. The band camp is rolling good.

An eventful introduction to the week. Stay tuned for more.

25 August 2013

Meet the jury!

The 2013 Ambassador Band Camp competition will be presided over by senior Fontys Rockacademie professor and Music Lab section head Will Maas. Meet the jury! 

Dutch keys player Will Maas has his roots in singer-songwriter music, rock and Hammond jazz. He studied Hammond organ and keyboards at the Conservatory (i.e. Music Academy) in Enschede, the Netherlands.

Will has been a professional session musician for over 25 years, playing with well-known musicians such as Marco Borsato, Alain Clark, Lenny Kuhr, Nick & Simon, Angela Groothuizen, Beth Hart and Stevie Ann. In 2004, Will Maas was awarded “best keys player of the Netherlands” by his fellow musicians, receiving the Duiveltje (“Little Devil”) Award.

For the past 12 years, Will has been playing in Ilse DeLange’s band. With this band he also recorded Ilse’s most recent album, “Eye Of The Hurricane.”

Will with Nick & Simon:

Will with Beth Hart:

Will with Ilse de Lange:


And another beauty with Ilse de Lange:

22 August 2013

Skopje Band Camp Participants' Intros: Lira R




Heeeey guys! I am Lira, 20, from Mitrovica. I am a newly enrolled student of MRS and I play the saxophone. I am a music and food lover. This is my first time in this summer school, and I can hardly wait to see you all there and rock together. Cheerio :)) 

-Lira Ramadani

Skopje Band Camp Participants' Intros: Murat B




Hi, I’m  Murat and I play  guitar. This is my second time that I will perform in Skopje. I can’t wait to come there and play with my band mates. Hope to have good time there…


-Murat Bajrami

Skopje Band Camp Participants' Intros: Leka S



Hi , My name is Leka, 15 years old , bass player .Now I am a part of Skopje Band camp.
Hope that we will have a good time.

-Leka Shala