27 August 2013

Ambassador Band Camp Activities

Check out some of the photos taken on the first day of the Mitrovica Rock School Ambassador Band Camp at Skopje.

 Activities at Skopje Band Camp are in full swing. The first day at the band camp was reserved for meet and greet as to the many of the participants this is the first time at Skopje Band Camp. Not long after each of our A-team bands got assigned a trainer did the practice rooms resounded with gritty rock and roll riffs and the ambiance of creative swept through.

The Fontys Rock Academy supplemented the teams and added diversity to the coaching the student get here. They helped senior teachers and trainers achieve better efficiency by individually working with students and helping out with instrument set-up.

"I learned one trick how to tune my guitar and using my hearing instead of risking to snap a wire on my guitar. They help us a lot" - Ivan 

The practice rooms and the studio are fully operational and up to our standards. The band camp is rolling good.

An eventful introduction to the week. Stay tuned for more.

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