25 August 2013

Meet the jury!

The 2013 Ambassador Band Camp competition will be presided over by senior Fontys Rockacademie professor and Music Lab section head Will Maas. Meet the jury! 

Dutch keys player Will Maas has his roots in singer-songwriter music, rock and Hammond jazz. He studied Hammond organ and keyboards at the Conservatory (i.e. Music Academy) in Enschede, the Netherlands.

Will has been a professional session musician for over 25 years, playing with well-known musicians such as Marco Borsato, Alain Clark, Lenny Kuhr, Nick & Simon, Angela Groothuizen, Beth Hart and Stevie Ann. In 2004, Will Maas was awarded “best keys player of the Netherlands” by his fellow musicians, receiving the Duiveltje (“Little Devil”) Award.

For the past 12 years, Will has been playing in Ilse DeLange’s band. With this band he also recorded Ilse’s most recent album, “Eye Of The Hurricane.”

Will with Nick & Simon:

Will with Beth Hart:

Will with Ilse de Lange:


And another beauty with Ilse de Lange:

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