3 September 2013

The D-Day: The Battle of the Bands Concert

August 31 was the explosion of the week and the highlight of this Band Camp. All the efforts and the energy put into the Ambassador Band Camp program, from trainers, coaches, MRS staff and students alike, throughout this week converge at The Battle of the Bands on Saturday evening. 

The venue that hosted our closing week competition concert, the Havana Club, was big enough to fit up to 500 hundred heads but the audience, must be noted, was only half the projected capacity. The club is famous for hosting top regional bands and has a big name in Skopje's clubbing scene and it has a massive cozy stage.

Among the attendees were stundents' family and closest friends from Mitrovica who had come for the occasion to support their rock stars.

The three young competing bands opened the night taking turns on stage performing their original songs that they worked on for two months only to finalize them at the Skopje Band Camp with the guide from coaches from the Fontys Rockacademie, our program partners from Tilburg, Holland. 

Toe May Toes, Sublime 6 and Schism were competing for a touring chance with The Artchitects in Holland and Berlin and all three did their utmost to land the prize. 

The Toe May Toes performing on stage

Sublime 6 rocking out Skopje
Young hopes Schism debuting on stage

After the sets from the three rivaling bands the presiding jury, Will Maas, a top-notch keys player from Holland, plumped out of the electrifying atmosphere of the stage to analyze and scrutinize the performances of the three bands. According to his words which he delivered to the audience and the bands on the stage it was all but easy singling out one band and proclaim a winner. He congratulated the bands and the coaches for an outstanding achievements clinched in such short time and admired their enthusiasm for rock music.
Will Maas announcing the winners of the Battle of the Bands
In between the official part and the jury session a host of bands entertained the audience. A band comprising the Fontys Rockacademie coaches, Mighty Mice, graced the audience with their set of intriguing experimental tracks proceeded by a set from The Babylon, a band of teachers, which garnered ovations and shouts of approval from the crowd and a concluding set by the A-team superstars The Artchitects who also pulled out their new song Let it Go setting the crowd in motion.

Mighty Mice on stage

Babylon-ers brimming with raw rock and roll power

Salvo of boisterous r'n'r heralded the only mosh-pit of the night; The Artchitects

Needless to say the shock waves of excitement spreading across the venue as the jury announces the winners peaked at this point of the evening. Mingled emotions of excitement, happiness and sadness could be felt as the winners are separated from the runner-ups. The young sestet talent Schism was voted the most promising creative band out of the three and the Toe May Toes occupying the runner-up position. The Sublime 6 was left on the third place but was encouraged to rock on for their potential.

Band Camp fresh winners together on stage

The Ambassador Band Camp wagon moves on to Holland in October where the winning bands will get more professional tailored coaching and record even more songs and tour around the country.
See you soon.


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