21 November 2013

Ambassador Band Tour Week, November 17-24, Skopje

As the week progresses students are quickly becoming attuned to playing in their new bands after a two-months interlude and, moreover, they are each creating a new song to add to their already prolific creative run after Skopje Band Camp in August. Their teachers are very optimistic at the rate at which bands impove daily and will make sure they are ready for the concerts.

The Skopje two legs of the Ambassador Band Tour which culminates in Berlin in Spring 2014 are very special for the two Mitrovica Rock School bands, Sublime 5 and The Artchitects, as it is here that most of the songs have been written and first live performances took place, as well as first studio recordings were made.

First Skopje tour leg is a an acoustic live session at Bravo bar on Thursday night where bands will strum out unplugged and downtempo renditions of their mainly fast and energetic rock and roll originals.

Students practice for concerts

The second, concluding concert of the Skopje tour is on Saturday, November 23rd in Club Havana, the hottest gig venue in the town where bands will present themselves to the Skopje crowd and Mitrovica supporters with new original songs and a feat of advanced stage performing.

Catch you there,


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