29 July 2014

Ambassador Band Program 2014/2015 kicks off in Skopje

Mitrovica Rock School is prepping up for the inaugural band camp of this year's ABP cycle in Skopje, Macedonia in August (23-31). 4 mixed bands, including 2 new young outfits The Suck of Psychosis and Astral Dreamers, will join forces at Skopje with Sublime 6 and Schism and spend a week working towards a major outdoor band contest and battle it out for one of the hot prizes. It's not hard to assume that all bands will be having their eyes on the top prize - Berlin tour in Spring 2015.

Senior students and their professors from Fontys Rockacademie in Tilburg, Netherlands, are flying in to guide them and train them in songwriting, band coaching, stage performing and studio recording in order to get them in the best shape for the contest. Bands play their own material, which they will also make professional recordings of during the week and present their work live to Skopje audience and be cheered by their peers from Mitrovica who will be bussed in for the event. Bands will produce a compilation CD and other merch which will be on sale for rock'n'roll faithfuls.

We will keep this blog updated about the developments and the best bits from this year's ABP including pics, songs, interviews and general info so make sure to check in more often.

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