29 August 2014

Meet the Jury!

Meet the Jury!

The 2014 Skopje Band Camp competition will be presided over by Ronald Seerden. 

Ronald’s musical career begins at the very young age of 10. He started off as a drummer and lead singer in a band called “the Improvers” (a Kiss cover band) and made his first TV appearance at the age of 12. The band’s rehearsed in the basement at his parent's house. The guitarist of the band would leave his gear and guitar standing there and that’s how he got to know the instrument. It would take him two years to finally switch from drums to guitar when he joined a school band together with his friend Eric Coenen. In 1986 Ronald played at the Pinkpopfestival (also with Eric Coenen) in a band called Ge Reinders and friends. In 1992 Ronald started as a student on the Rotterdam Conservatory where he graduated in 1996. From then on he played as a session player with several Dutch, German and Belgian artists. In the year 2000 he is asked to become a teacher at the Rockacademy in Tilburg Holland. To this day he is still working as a teacher, guitar player and a music producer and has his involvement in several music projects in the Netherlands.

27 August 2014

Outing at Veles, Macedonia

A day off for Ambassador bands

After three hectic days of toiling in practice rooms and studio, our bands hanker for a little respite from work and the sweltering hasty metropolis of Skopje. A small lake town north-east from Macedonia capital Veles is a perfect destination for a getaway. There the bands and their coaches from Mitrovica Rock School and Fontys Rockacademie, and with the logistical help from Musicians without Borders' staff organized a recreational outing. Swimming and sunbathing in a beautiful scenery of Veles rejuvenated Skopje Band Camp participants.
 On the way to Veles the atmosphere was euphoric 

 Upon the arrival at our destination...

 Participants enjoy the ambience in the shade

  Participants enjoy the ambience in the shade

 Lake side in Veles

 Participants enjoy drinks inside the swimming pool

 Late lunch

26 August 2014

First Recording Day at 2014 Skopje Band Camp

Sublime 6 records their new song

Second working day saw more band coaching and rehearsing for all four Ambassador bands as they're enthusiastically working to complete new songs which they will present to the crowd at the big concert come Friday night.

 The newly-formed band The Suck of Psychotic finalizing their first song

Band Schism take a short breather from practice to discuss song arranging

Following their productive practice the band Schism took to pasting up the streets of Skopje with posters announcing the Friday night's big concert which they will headline along with other three Mitrovica Rock School bands. A very effective PR stunt indeed. They hope to appeal to as many young Skopjan rock'n'roll gig-goers as possible and offer to them a brand of music nurtured in Mitrovica.

 Schism male trio put up posters in Skopje city center

Schism pose in front of 2014 Skopje Band Camp concert posters

However, the hightlight of the day was first studio recording for Sublime 6 this term. One more song added to their short band resume which stemmed from an outstanding run of creativity and moulded into a melodious rock track in just two days in Skopje.

 Sound engineering crew sets up studio before recording

Sublime 6 recording new song in studio

This take is good

The band teased with christening the song and so far the newborn remains unnamed but we testify to it sounding great and that it offers insight to the talent band possesses. Mitrovica Rock School will make sure this track makes the Ambassador band's CD compilation cut.

25 August 2014

Skopje Band Camp 2014 in Skopje

First rehearsals at 2014 Skopje Band Camp

After a day of settling in Skopje the four Mitrovica Rock School Ambassador bands have embarked on a week-long upskilling in songwriting, band coaching and performing, which will culminate in a concert scheduled on August 29 at Havana Summer Club located in Skopje's city park. Coaches from Mitrovica and Fontys Rockacademie worked diligently with the bands all day in a bid to help them kickstart the creative process and get bands to generate own material.  By the end of the day the bands already had something to show for and are poised for what lies ahead of them in the coming days.

 Sublime 6 in their first rehearsal at this year's Skopje Band Camp

 A coach instructing young guitar duo (electric and bass) from Astral Dreamers

 Young duo on guitar and bass guitar from Astral Dreamers strum away at their instruments for the first time at Skopje

 Schism tuning their instruments at today's rehearsal

 Instrumental part of the The Suck of Psychotic mull over the structure of their first ever song

The Suck of Psychotic in full edition with coaches sedulously supervising band's progress

As soon as bands have smoothed out their new songs in the coming days they're heading off to the studio to record them.

Stay with us and follow the progress of the bands as the week unfolds and keep up to date with upcoming event.

18 August 2014

Coming to Skopje: Ivan

hi rock school,
i am Ivan, I'm 18y old. i play a solo guitar and have been playing at the school for almost 4 years. i'm a member of the band Schism and this is my second time in Skopje with this band.

 last year we took one of the main prizes and hoping to do good this year too. looking forward to seeing my bandmates again and new people in Skopje. see you soon

- Ivan Bozovic

15 August 2014

Coming to Skopje: Aron

Hi, I'm Aron 16 years old. I play drums on 2 bands "Jutbina" and "The Anti Socials". This is my second time on Skopje, this year I'm going to work on studio as sound engineer.

 I am so happy to be again on the summer school, and to meet with new people, and having a good time like last year, see ya!

- Aron Dobroshi

Coming to Skopje: Baton

Hello, my name is Baton Haxhikadriu and I'm a drummer. 

It's my fourth time going this year, and the other 3 previous years have been absolutely incredible, and I'm sure this time will be even better. See you J

- Baton Haxhikadriu

Coming to Skopje: Emir

Hi my name is Emir, I am 15 and play drums. Since I was a kid, was into music, my favorite music is: rock, pop, funky, reggae, bossa nova, etc. I am also a drummer of one of the bands in the rock school, called Dark Shadow, with whom we won the 3d prize in Prizren Rock Live festival. 

This is my first time in Skopje, can’t wait to meet you all and play some music together!!!

- Emir Ismajli

Coming to Skopje: Leutrim

My name is Leutrim , I am 18 years old , I live in Mitrovica Kosovo.I now in October start studying Computer Engineering here in Mitrovica.
I like playing guitar, listening to music , reading books , my favorite book is The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. Im into spiritual stuff lately so I meditate daily and I see the world in a Half Full Gass prespective I love animals spiders are my favorite, the label I like to put to myself is that I am a Free Spirit, not bounded by the chains of the material world.

I listen to whatever I feel like fits the moment so mostly I listen to Indie, Folk, Rock , Metal , Ambient ,Psybient.
The Guitar is the way I speak with notes not with words , so I love playing it whenever I find time.Coming to scopje this year is gonna be a great opportunity to meet new people and simply have fun.

- Leutrim Fetahu

Coming to Skopje: Urim

Hi I am Urim, 19 years old but by the time we will be in Skopje I will be 20 haha! I study graphic design and I am the drummer of the band named Sublime 6. 

I was in Skopje in winter school and had a very good time; I hope that in the summer school it will be a very good time too.

- Urim Karakashi

Coming to Skopje: Luan

Hi, I’m Luan Çeliku , I’m 17 years old. Actually I’m in high school. My hobby is basketball and music.

 I’m bass player. I hope that we will have a good time in Skopje. It will be a good experience for me.

- Luan Celiku

Coming to Skopje: Njomza

Hi everyone, I’m Njomza Tmava. I'm the keyboard player of the band Schism .This is my third time in Skopje Summer School, i hope we will have a great time together. See you soon!!!

- Njomza Tmava

14 August 2014

Coming to Skopje: Nikola

Helo, my name is Nikola, I'm 15 years old, i play the guitar for 2 years in band called SKART, in MItrovica rock school..

I can no longer wait, take me to Skopje i hope we have a good time there.. See yaa.

- Nikola Savic

Coming to Skopje: Stefan

Hi guys, my name is Stefan, I'm 20 years old, I play the drums for 2 years, I play in a band called 'SKART'.

I hope we have a good time in Skopje, I can not wait to get there, and I will celebrate my birthday with you Skopje. See you.

- Stefan Kuc

Coming to Skopje: Jelena

Helooooooooo guys.. My name is Jelena, I'm 17. I've been singing for a year in a band Bright side, in Mitrovica Rock school.

In my free time I likee to hang out with my friends, listen to the music,and read books . I can' t wait to go to Skopje, see yaa there. Cheers.

- Jelena Drazevic