15 August 2014

Coming to Skopje: Leutrim

My name is Leutrim , I am 18 years old , I live in Mitrovica Kosovo.I now in October start studying Computer Engineering here in Mitrovica.
I like playing guitar, listening to music , reading books , my favorite book is The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. Im into spiritual stuff lately so I meditate daily and I see the world in a Half Full Gass prespective I love animals spiders are my favorite, the label I like to put to myself is that I am a Free Spirit, not bounded by the chains of the material world.

I listen to whatever I feel like fits the moment so mostly I listen to Indie, Folk, Rock , Metal , Ambient ,Psybient.
The Guitar is the way I speak with notes not with words , so I love playing it whenever I find time.Coming to scopje this year is gonna be a great opportunity to meet new people and simply have fun.

- Leutrim Fetahu

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