26 August 2014

First Recording Day at 2014 Skopje Band Camp

Sublime 6 records their new song

Second working day saw more band coaching and rehearsing for all four Ambassador bands as they're enthusiastically working to complete new songs which they will present to the crowd at the big concert come Friday night.

 The newly-formed band The Suck of Psychotic finalizing their first song

Band Schism take a short breather from practice to discuss song arranging

Following their productive practice the band Schism took to pasting up the streets of Skopje with posters announcing the Friday night's big concert which they will headline along with other three Mitrovica Rock School bands. A very effective PR stunt indeed. They hope to appeal to as many young Skopjan rock'n'roll gig-goers as possible and offer to them a brand of music nurtured in Mitrovica.

 Schism male trio put up posters in Skopje city center

Schism pose in front of 2014 Skopje Band Camp concert posters

However, the hightlight of the day was first studio recording for Sublime 6 this term. One more song added to their short band resume which stemmed from an outstanding run of creativity and moulded into a melodious rock track in just two days in Skopje.

 Sound engineering crew sets up studio before recording

Sublime 6 recording new song in studio

This take is good

The band teased with christening the song and so far the newborn remains unnamed but we testify to it sounding great and that it offers insight to the talent band possesses. Mitrovica Rock School will make sure this track makes the Ambassador band's CD compilation cut.

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