27 August 2014

Outing at Veles, Macedonia

A day off for Ambassador bands

After three hectic days of toiling in practice rooms and studio, our bands hanker for a little respite from work and the sweltering hasty metropolis of Skopje. A small lake town north-east from Macedonia capital Veles is a perfect destination for a getaway. There the bands and their coaches from Mitrovica Rock School and Fontys Rockacademie, and with the logistical help from Musicians without Borders' staff organized a recreational outing. Swimming and sunbathing in a beautiful scenery of Veles rejuvenated Skopje Band Camp participants.
 On the way to Veles the atmosphere was euphoric 

 Upon the arrival at our destination...

 Participants enjoy the ambience in the shade

  Participants enjoy the ambience in the shade

 Lake side in Veles

 Participants enjoy drinks inside the swimming pool

 Late lunch

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