25 August 2014

Skopje Band Camp 2014 in Skopje

First rehearsals at 2014 Skopje Band Camp

After a day of settling in Skopje the four Mitrovica Rock School Ambassador bands have embarked on a week-long upskilling in songwriting, band coaching and performing, which will culminate in a concert scheduled on August 29 at Havana Summer Club located in Skopje's city park. Coaches from Mitrovica and Fontys Rockacademie worked diligently with the bands all day in a bid to help them kickstart the creative process and get bands to generate own material.  By the end of the day the bands already had something to show for and are poised for what lies ahead of them in the coming days.

 Sublime 6 in their first rehearsal at this year's Skopje Band Camp

 A coach instructing young guitar duo (electric and bass) from Astral Dreamers

 Young duo on guitar and bass guitar from Astral Dreamers strum away at their instruments for the first time at Skopje

 Schism tuning their instruments at today's rehearsal

 Instrumental part of the The Suck of Psychotic mull over the structure of their first ever song

The Suck of Psychotic in full edition with coaches sedulously supervising band's progress

As soon as bands have smoothed out their new songs in the coming days they're heading off to the studio to record them.

Stay with us and follow the progress of the bands as the week unfolds and keep up to date with upcoming event.

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