23 September 2014

Mitrovica Rock School to rock Berlin

Mitrovica Rock School to rock Berlin in October

As we mentioned earlier October 2014 is the month the Ambassador Band wagon rolls on with two big events in Berlin and Skopje, respectively, where our bands will tour and present themselves to the international audience.

From October 6 to 13, two Rock School 'Ambassador Bands' will travel to Berlin for a week of songwriting, rehearsing and performing. The band members are from the divided city of Mitrovica, Kosovo, and cannot safely meet in their home town. In Berlin - also once divided - Rock School bands The Artchitects and The Suck of Psychotic will play with students from the Fontys Rockacademie (Tilburg, Netherlands), Rockcity Institute (Eindhoven, Netherlands), and Popshule (Berlin, Germany). The week is hosted by German-Dutch NGO Schoolclash.

About the Bands:

The Suck of Psychotic is a brand new Ambassador Band who have been songwriting since May 2014 and met for the first time in Skopje in August. The jury at the Ambassador Band Camp saw great potential and awarded them this tour to Berlin as well as a recording week in at the Fontys Rockacademie in the Netherlands in the spring of 2015.

The Suck of Psychotic at Skopje Band Camp 2014

The Artchitects first started in 2011, as the Mitrovica Rock School's proto-Ambassador Band. At the time the members were some of our top students. By now, all members are working as teachers at the Rock School and play vital roles in project's organization. The Artchitects have toured Italy once, the Netherlands twice and Macedonia several times. They are indisputably the Rock School's top band, and true ambassadors for the school. 

The Artchitects at Skopje Band Camp 2013

We will announce dates and info about their gigs in Berlin in the coming days so stay tuned!

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