1 September 2015

Remix Recap

Last Saturday, the Mitrovica Rock School capped off a highly successful summer school with a big concert at the Havana Summer Club in Skopje.

Five new mixed bands performed with great passion and enthusiasm after working hard to prepare new songs this week. They were joined in performance by senior ambassador bands, The Artchitects, Astral Dreamers, Sublime 6 and Schism, as well as special guests from the Fontys Rock Academy and Rock City Institute in the Netherlands.

The summer school has always been a special opportunity for mixed bands to come together outside of Mitrovica, resulting in the formation of long lasting friendships. The experience in Skopje was a powerful one for all involved, inspiring a young student from the Rock Academy to share that this week was one of the best experiences of his life

We look forward to seeing how these connections will develop over the coming year!