31 August 2016

Introducing our bands

Hi, everyone!

So, our summer school for this year is completed, but there’s one more thing to do: introduce our amazing bands! Their photo shoot pics are in, so check them out below and inform yourselves about their evolution.

PROXIMITY MINE: [from left to right] Alem (guitar), Ilda (vocals), Ylli (keyboard), Stefan (drums)

Let’s start with one of the new bands of this year’s summer school. Everyone was very much surprised by the mature sound that this band has. Ilda, who is only 17 years old, has already established herself as one of the best singers and song writers in the history of summer schools. The song that they have recorded starts off with a steady rhythm filled in by the soft keyboard melody and vocals, but then it surprises us with a heavy guitar distortion in the next part that leads to the dramatic chorus. Besides the very deep lyrical meaning and how the band has elevated that with their instruments, their stage presence gives us even more. Proximity Mine has set the bar really high for all the future rock school bands and we can’t wait for them to get together again and watch them experiment with their individual unique styles.

HIGH FREQUENCY: [from left to right] Luka (guitar), Zlatko (keyboard), Vladimir (drums), Lekë (bass), Dua (vocals)

Also being a new band, High Frequency has one of the most powerful vocals, and the rest of the band does it justice with their instruments. We have expected powerful and interesting melodies, and that’s exactly what we got. The beginning riff of their recorded song sets the mood for the rest of the song, but it takes us to a journey of heavy guitar solos, rhythm changes and nice keyboard melodies. Dua’s vocal range is incredible and she has once again showed us that there’s absolutely nothing she can’t do with it. As a young band, they have a great base for their future projects, and we look forward to their continued evolution!

CREARTY: [from left to right] Luan (bass), Milica (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Dzemil (guitar), Milos (drums)

This band has been formed last year, when Milica has only played the keyboard and there was another female singer. Since this year she couldn’t make it to the summer school due to personal reasons, Milica has evolved quite a bit by taking over the singing, but she also plays guitar in one of their live songs. Being one of the newer students to embark the summer school, this is a big step for her and we applaud her for that. Their recorded song is filled with keyboard chords throughout, and the haunting vocals perfectly correspond to Dzemil’s guitar playing, as well as Luan’s strong bass tones and Milos’s drum rhythms. It seems that Crearty has a bright future ahead of them, and we can’t wait to hear more!

IFO: [from left to right] Nemanja (vocals), Leotrim (bass), Andjela (vocals), Aron (drums), Egzon (guitar)

Ever since their first appearance during last year’s summer school, IFO (Identified Flying Object) gave us a strong impression of who they are as a band. The base of their sound is rock’n’roll, but as they grow we’re able to hear metal and grunge influences, which takes us to a never ending journey of experimentation, showing us versatility of the band members as individuals. Their recorded song is the most experimental yet, where we have a very strong chorus with both vocals hitting high notes, which gives the ultimate power to the whole song. The other parts with a soft, but intense, guitar melody and a strong rhythm from the bass and drums make us move non-stop, and the rhythm gets even more contagious with a strong solo guitar towards the last chorus. We are very excited to see what IFO comes up with next time!

WHERE IS MY ELEPHANT: [from left to right] Zoran (drums), Nermin (bass), Jelena (vocals), Dren (guitar)

Well, we don’t know if this band has found their elephant yet, but we know for sure that they have found a clear identity as a band. Contrary to Jelena’s soft vocals, they have very strong rhythms provided by the drum beats and the bass, but Dren’s guitar playing is reconciling the two opposites, and this is what makes this band so interesting – combining soft and hard. This aesthetic is clear in their new recorded song. It makes us sway, but it also makes us feel the lyrical message and how it translates in the vocals. Even though the chorus is not “in-your-face”, it gives this dark themed song the power that it needs and it really makes every instrument stand out in their own right. We are sure that this band has even more in store for us, and we look forward to their future ideas coming to life!

AKASHA: [from left to right] Lazar (bass), Emir (drums), Savica (vocals, keyboard), Qendrim (vocals)

Not having a guitarist in a band could very much be the main problem for some bands, but not for Akasha. Actually, it’s safe to say that this is an asset for them and has shaped them into who they are today. Every single member of this band has a very strong inner voice and they do not fail to express it with their instruments. They have kept their original aesthetic in their new recorded song, having strong keyboard and vocal melodies take over, with Emir’s drumming and Lazar’s strong bass playing perfectly complementing that. With love and heartbreak being the main theme in their songs, which is so far from the love themed clichés that we hear in many songs of even the most popular artists, Akasha has gained many fans that always sing along when the band plays live. The improvement of lyric-writing is undeniable, and the way that Qendrim’s and Savica’s vocals complement each other really makes us feel the message they’re trying to convey. We strongly support them in all their future plans as a band!

SUBLIME 6: [from left to right] Baton (drums), Jelena (vocals), Milos (bass), Edona (vocals), Dren (guitar)

Even though their original drummer Urim couldn’t make it to this year’s summer school due to personal reasons, Sublime 6 – being the senior band of the summer school – did not give up. Having Baton as a substitute drummer, they have worked even harder and proved that they have so much more to give. Each member of this band is actually a senior in the rock school; they each have a long history of summer and winter schools, and since recently – Dren, Baton and Jelena have become a part of the official rock school team. Having Baton learn their already existing songs was a challenge, but he has professionally accepted it and gave his all to help keep the band’s identity on a level that it was on with Urim. Their new recorded song keeps up with their original aesthetic: strong guitar melody, bass, drums and vocals, and a bit of experimentation that they plan on doing more of in the future. The vocals give us a grungy vibe and the lyrics express fighting, but also reconciling, with the inner demons that serve as a huge inspiration for song-writing to Jelena and Edona. Already having the experience and work ethic that is necessary, this band only needs time to work on their future ideas and step out even more of their comfort zone to see where their journey takes them next, and we’re excited to be a part of it!

So, there you go, rock school lovers – these are the bands that have made this year’s summer school what it was: amazing and exciting! We congratulate them on their success and we really want to see them grow and achieve even more with their music, so we accept all the help that we can get. Please donate and be a part of the evolution of Mitrovica Rock School!

Until next time!

28 August 2016

August 28. – The ending of this year’s summer school

Hello, rock school followers!

The last day of this summer school was not any easier from the previous days, even though the schedule was simpler; everyone was very much active and perhaps even worked harder than before. That being said, the excitement for our closing concert led to a positive atmosphere during the day, so everyone was in a good mood, regardless of being tired.

The very first thing on the schedule was the certificate ceremony after breakfast. The staff has payed respects to all the students and their bands, as well as the coaches. The students got their certificates signed by the staff, and the coaches got some presents as thanks for their work during the week.

After the ceremony, it was all about preparing everything for the concert that would happen in the evening. As the recorded songs of our bands were ready for a promotional CD, some of the coaches and students have prepared all the CD copies that the people in the audience could take for free. Afterwards, one of the new bands went to the venue with some of the coaches to have a sound check and make sure that the stage is set up and ready for the concert.

Waiting for the closing concert was bittersweet for us, as that meant that we could proudly present our creativity and hard work to the audience, but it also meant that it’s the last time this summer that we see and play music with our friends from the other side of the bridge. Nevertheless, we have enjoyed every single moment of the concert. All the friends and families that have reserved a seat in the bus have arrived safely and were very excited to be there for us.

To say that our bands did an awesome job on the concert is an understatement. They have made us dance, sing along, and feel liberated and proud of what they have achieved. The staff has also organized finger food and coupons for drinks for the participants, but also for the audience that came with the organized ride from Mitrovica. When the concert has ended, we had open mic where anyone could climb up the stage and play and sing.

After saying goodbye to their friends and families that were brought back home at midnight, our participants went to the after-party in another bar, where they could relax and share their thoughts on the concert and their progress in general.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the school in any way! We have achieved our goal for this summer school, but in order to keep doing it, we need help for the future, so please donate and help us spread the love and peace that music has to offer.

Keep checking in for all the future happenings!

27 August 2016

August 26. - Final preparations

Hey, hey!

Friday was a busy day. Our students have finished with their band photo shoots, they had their regular rehearsals, but they have also attended the dress rehearsal where every band has presented what they have been working on this week.

After dinner, they have arranged all the necessary equipment in the auditorium of the school where they have been rehearsing, and then everyone has settled, eagerly awaiting the performances, especially from our new bands. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the amount of work that our new bands have put in. They are connected with each other and with the audience, and every single band member has shown the importance of their instrument by making interesting musical lines and beats. They have played as if they’ve been playing with each other for a much longer time than just a single week, and it’s obvious that they have compromised in the process – because they’re all different as individual musicians – but they did it in the way that no one has lost their own inner voice and style. This is, after all, what makes them who they are as bands, so we thank them for exactly that – for being who they are!

After the dress rehearsal, everyone helped carry the equipment and have it transported to the venue where the concert will happen, which is the Havana club. If you haven’t reserved your place in the bus that will take you to the concert, maybe there’s still time, so contact our staff to check!

Stay tuned for the most exciting news of this week – the closing concert!

25 August 2016

August 25. - Back to work

Hi, everyone!

As the day of the concert approaches, our participants are working even harder on their rehearsals and recording sessions. Every band has an opportunity to record a brand new original song in the studio, with the help of our coaches. Each band has a day scheduled only for recording, and so far it has been a highly creative process.

Other than the usual work, the students have also started having photo shoots with a photographer hired by the staff. They are obliged to think of a place anywhere in the city, where the photo shoot will happen. Stay tuned for more news on the photo shoots and the future plans!

While you’re checking the news, you can also still apply for a seat in the bus that will take you to our closing concert and then bring you back home after it ends.

Until next time!

24 August 2016

August 24. - A trip to the swimming pool

Hey, rock school lovers!

After working hard on their music, everyone got a chance to relax and have more free time on the 24th, by travelling to Veles. Despite the weather’s constant mood change, we were lucky to have the sun return on this day, so we could swim and enjoy ourselves, just as planned.

It was great to have one day all to ourselves, but we don’t rest for long, because our mission here is still to continue working hard in order to prepare one of the best live shows ever in the history of summer and winter school. The bands are versatile and powerful enough to create the right atmosphere and connect with the audience via their music.

So, the next day is, once again, all about rehearsals and recording. The bands are ready to create even more, and put some finishing touches on their inspiring progress so far. Keep checking in to find out what happens next!

August 23. - Day of the workshop

Hello again, everyone!

Other than rehearsing and recording, our students have also attended the workshop hosted by Simon De Koning, and the theme was inspiration, creativity and hard work. Simon has a broad experience in music: he has worked in music studios, record companies, and many music related advertising projects in Amsterdam and New York.

Besides sharing his own views and experiences with the students, Simon has also connected on a more personal level by asking for their views on the most crucial things about music and the creative process. The students were open for this discussion and have cooperated by sharing their own experiences and thoughts. We’ve found out that every person has something unique about their creative process, but also the struggles when it comes to presenting their ideas to their band mates and the audience.

The ultimate goal of this workshop was for our students to be more in control when the inspiration rushes in and develop a critical eye for their own work, in a constructive way. Thanks to Simon for sharing his knowledge and supporting the school!

22 August 2016

August 22 - The first rehearsals

Hey everyone,

Monday was the first busy day for our students. All the bands began having their scheduled rehearsals, while the coaches supervised them. The older bands are remembering their existing songs and planning to work on some new material in the future rehearsals, while the new students are working on their original songs for the first time with their bands, and some of them have yet to come up with a band name.

While the students are working on their craft, the staff is working hard on perfecting the future schedules so that nothing goes wrong and everyone has a positive experience. Also, they are gathering the names of the friends and families who wish to attend the closing concert at the end of the week. So far, everything is going as planned and our participants are having a great time.

Thank you for checking in, and stay tuned for more news on our progress!

Summer school is back in 2016

 Hello everyone,

Mitrovica Rock School still stands strong, and this year is visiting Skopje, Macedonia again, for another week of music and friendship. Sunday, 21st of August, is their first day in Skopje of this year’s summer school. There are some new participants who have yet to start working in their newly formed mixed bands, but there are also seniors that will either be working on new materials with their bands with the previous experiences in Skopje, as well as seniors who have been promoted to coaches.

The bus has picked up our participants early in the morning, along with all the equipment and instruments that they will need this week. As always, the mood in the bus was very positive and friendly; the students are eager to begin with their rehearsals and connect with their band mates by coming up with original songs that they will perform in concert by the end of the week.

Once they arrived at the hotel, they unloaded all the equipment from the bus and got settled in their rooms. After lunch, everyone has attended the official meeting where the students individually presented themselves and their fellow band members, as well as the new coaches presented themselves and explained a bit about their roles for this week. It has been implied that the new students need to come up with names for their bands.

After dinner, the students were offered to join the tour of the city, when they would visit some of the significant areas, and hopefully catch some fresh air after a very sunny day. The students will be recharged and ready for tomorrow’s busier schedule, when they will start rehearsing with their bands and do their best to turn their ideas into powerful new songs, which will make this experience even more rewarding for them and everyone who listens.

Stay tuned for more info on their progress!

21 August 2016

2016 Summer School: Meet the participants!

Hello, I'm Andjela, I'm 19. I've been singing for 4 years at Mitrovica Rock School. I had a chance to write lyrics for the first time with my band I.F.O. in Scopje last year. See you there :)

My name is Alem Redzepagic I’m 20 years old.  I’m from Mitrovica and I’m guitarist at Rock School of Mitrovica. I've been practicing guitar for 3, 5 years  :)

Hi,  My name's Aron Dobroshi, I'm a drummer. This will be my 4th time in the Summer School. Can't wait to meet with new people and have fun. See ya!

Hi all. My name is Baton Haxhikadriu and I play drums. Looking forward to meet you all and have fun, like always  :)

Hi everyone my name is Dren and I play guitar.. I hope that we're gonna have a lot of fun like always in Skopje. All the best.

Hi, My name is Dua Kamberi and I'ma vocalist .This year will be my second year that I'm participating in summer school. Can't wait to see you guys :)

My name is Dzemil, I am 16 and I play guitar in two bands. See you in Skopje.

Hello, I'm Egzon Mustafa, I'm guitarist. This will be my second time on the Summer School. See you, can't wait.

Hello guys I am Emir Ismaili, I am a drummer. This year is the third time to participate in Skopje Summer School. See you there.

My name is Ersan Januzi,16 years old, I'm pianist for almost 9 years in Musical High School ''Tefta Tashko!

Hi, my name is Ilda, I'm 17. I'm a singer and a songwriter. This is my first summer school in Skopje, and I can't wait.

Hello I am Ivan, I am years old. I play solo guitar. This is my third time in Skopje, cannot wait!! :)

Hi everyone, my name is Jelena Zafirovic, I’m a singer/songwriter in my mixed band Sublime 6, and I also sing and play guitar in my North based band called NOPE. This will be the 9th time that I go to Skopje as a student, and I can’t wait to see you all and make some music again!

My name is Lazar , I play bass guitar for few years, listen to and play all genres of music. I look forward to Skopje, and see you :)

Hello people, I'm Lekë Shala , I play bass and I love it. Hope to have fun in Skopje. Peace

Hi i am Leutrim Fetahu I play Guitar in my band Jutbina with which we are working on releasing our album this year. In Skopje Summer School I will be playing Bass with a new band, it will be fun can’t wait to be there even if I will be a bit late because of my job but still I won’t miss the fun. Probably most of the members this year know me and my hobbies etc, etc, so I won’t go through that. It will be another good experience like it always is, thanks for making it happen guys. Peace!

Hello everyone, my name is Luan Çeliku.I'm 19 years old. I play bass guitar, and this is my third time that I'm coming to Skopje. I hope that we will have good time with you like last time

Hi everyone, my name is Luka Redzovic and I'm 18 years old. I am guitarist at Mitrovica Rock School's band since 2013. I prefer playing Rock and Hard Rock music. See you.

Hello everyone, my name is Milica, I am 17 years old and I play keyboard. I can't wait to create new music in Skopje again this year. 

Hello everyone, I'm Milos and I'm 19. I play drums in MRS for five years, and this is going to be my first time in Skopje Summer School. I'm so excited to be part of all of this and hope we will have great week there. See ya  :)

Hi, I am Miloš, and I play bass in MRS Ambassador band  Sublime 6. It's been a pleasure to represent our school with the band, and this is my seventh time in Skopje with MRS. I am excited as always and I can't wait to see all of my MRS friends there.

Hello everyone, my name is Blagojevic Nemanja, 22 years old. I'm vocal for almost 3 years, and now guitarist at the Mitrovica Rock School. Prefer to sing any kind of music. See u!! :

Hi, my name is Nermin, I'm 26 years old. I play bass in band Dark Sky. See yaa :)

Hello, I'm Qendrim Dakaj, I'm singer and this is my second time in summer school.

Hi guys, I'm Savica, I'm 20.. I'm a singer, but I play keyboard and do some of songwriting too.. I have two mixed bands-"Schism" (vocals) and "Akasha" (keyboard and back vocals).. I can't wait for one more Summer School and I hope it will be as good as it was last three times.. xoxo

Hi I am Stefan Kuc, I was born in Mitrovica in 1993. Currently is a student of Geography at the University of Prishtina in Mitrovica. I am a drummer for four years by now.

Hello everyone, my name is Uran Tahiri , 18 years old. I'm bass player . Prefer to play any kind of music. See you 

Hello everyone, my name is Vladimir Bigovic, 17 years old. I'm play drums for 4 years.

Ylli Daklani here,18. Keyboards, singer, a few chords on guitar, and my spécialité: composition. As a kid I was very active with kids festivals and  events in Kosova and abroad. Lately I've been part of many project bands as pianist and singer. This is my first time in Skopje so make it great!

Hi my name is Zlatko, I'm 17 years old. I play piano in Bright Side since 2013 . See yaa.

Hi, my name is Zoran, I'm 26 years old. I play drums in Omnibusi and Hosenfefer....

Hi guys. My name is Jelena, I'm 19. I've been singing for about 3 years now in a band Bright side, in Mitrovica Rock school. In Skopje I have a band named  Where is my elephant. I can' t wait to go to Skopje again, see yaa there.