24 August 2016

August 23. - Day of the workshop

Hello again, everyone!

Other than rehearsing and recording, our students have also attended the workshop hosted by Simon De Koning, and the theme was inspiration, creativity and hard work. Simon has a broad experience in music: he has worked in music studios, record companies, and many music related advertising projects in Amsterdam and New York.

Besides sharing his own views and experiences with the students, Simon has also connected on a more personal level by asking for their views on the most crucial things about music and the creative process. The students were open for this discussion and have cooperated by sharing their own experiences and thoughts. We’ve found out that every person has something unique about their creative process, but also the struggles when it comes to presenting their ideas to their band mates and the audience.

The ultimate goal of this workshop was for our students to be more in control when the inspiration rushes in and develop a critical eye for their own work, in a constructive way. Thanks to Simon for sharing his knowledge and supporting the school!

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