27 August 2016

August 26. - Final preparations

Hey, hey!

Friday was a busy day. Our students have finished with their band photo shoots, they had their regular rehearsals, but they have also attended the dress rehearsal where every band has presented what they have been working on this week.

After dinner, they have arranged all the necessary equipment in the auditorium of the school where they have been rehearsing, and then everyone has settled, eagerly awaiting the performances, especially from our new bands. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the amount of work that our new bands have put in. They are connected with each other and with the audience, and every single band member has shown the importance of their instrument by making interesting musical lines and beats. They have played as if they’ve been playing with each other for a much longer time than just a single week, and it’s obvious that they have compromised in the process – because they’re all different as individual musicians – but they did it in the way that no one has lost their own inner voice and style. This is, after all, what makes them who they are as bands, so we thank them for exactly that – for being who they are!

After the dress rehearsal, everyone helped carry the equipment and have it transported to the venue where the concert will happen, which is the Havana club. If you haven’t reserved your place in the bus that will take you to the concert, maybe there’s still time, so contact our staff to check!

Stay tuned for the most exciting news of this week – the closing concert!

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