28 August 2016

August 28. – The ending of this year’s summer school

Hello, rock school followers!

The last day of this summer school was not any easier from the previous days, even though the schedule was simpler; everyone was very much active and perhaps even worked harder than before. That being said, the excitement for our closing concert led to a positive atmosphere during the day, so everyone was in a good mood, regardless of being tired.

The very first thing on the schedule was the certificate ceremony after breakfast. The staff has payed respects to all the students and their bands, as well as the coaches. The students got their certificates signed by the staff, and the coaches got some presents as thanks for their work during the week.

After the ceremony, it was all about preparing everything for the concert that would happen in the evening. As the recorded songs of our bands were ready for a promotional CD, some of the coaches and students have prepared all the CD copies that the people in the audience could take for free. Afterwards, one of the new bands went to the venue with some of the coaches to have a sound check and make sure that the stage is set up and ready for the concert.

Waiting for the closing concert was bittersweet for us, as that meant that we could proudly present our creativity and hard work to the audience, but it also meant that it’s the last time this summer that we see and play music with our friends from the other side of the bridge. Nevertheless, we have enjoyed every single moment of the concert. All the friends and families that have reserved a seat in the bus have arrived safely and were very excited to be there for us.

To say that our bands did an awesome job on the concert is an understatement. They have made us dance, sing along, and feel liberated and proud of what they have achieved. The staff has also organized finger food and coupons for drinks for the participants, but also for the audience that came with the organized ride from Mitrovica. When the concert has ended, we had open mic where anyone could climb up the stage and play and sing.

After saying goodbye to their friends and families that were brought back home at midnight, our participants went to the after-party in another bar, where they could relax and share their thoughts on the concert and their progress in general.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the school in any way! We have achieved our goal for this summer school, but in order to keep doing it, we need help for the future, so please donate and help us spread the love and peace that music has to offer.

Keep checking in for all the future happenings!

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