29 September 2016

Rock School Team Official Meetings in Gracanica

This year’s summer school was a great success for all of us, but in order to keep up with that success, the Rock School team is working even harder for the future of the school. There are many obstacles and challenges that we are facing, so the team spent two days at Hotel Gracanica for a staff retreat, to plan the upcoming year.

At the first meeting, the team discussed organizational changes and new activities. Dafina introduced Milizza (from south Mitrovica) and Emir (from north Mitrovica) as new project coordinators, who have been working for a week at the Rock School office, already with good results.

The next important discussion was about hiring new teachers at the south branch, as well as including other genres besides rock. The team is looking for open-minded teachers who will be dedicated to their job. Other subjects covered included recruiting new students and extending the contracts of current. All these plans were organized in a shared Google calendar that Wendy put together.

The next discussion was about the mixed bands: which bands are still working together and which bands are not, creating new mixed bands, organizing workshops for them, and also planning this year’s spring camp in Skopje.

By the end of the second meeting, the team talked about n’Rock, a new youth center on the ground floor of the Rock School's south branch. The Rock School's north branch has had the KRIM club for a long time, and now students from the south (working with NGO Futja Ngjyre) created something similar, with only their creativity and almost zero budget (small financial support from Community Building Mitrovica helped them buy paint and supplies). A great opportunity to bring new people into the building and the school! Here is a look on what they have created:

In addition to five hours of meetings, the staff also found time to enjoy themselves and relax together, and we thank Hotel Gracanica for their hospitality, but also for this amazing view from the balconies:

Thanks for checking in, and stay tuned for our future activities!

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